Direct TV is a NIGHTMARE. I agree with other comments that I wish we read the BBB and saw all the lawsuits prior to switching to them from cable. Hey, it looks like a sweet deal...look at all the ads in the paper and in store. "Free" (no they are not free) all room DVR's you get to use, all the free premium channels, etc. Wow. AND YES FOLKS, TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. We only had Direct TV / Centurylink deal for 3 months and it never worked as promised from the get go. You are charged for EVERYTHING under the sun (much more than the "advertised" price, the premium channels and "On Demand" never worked right, they were charging us directly with a bill and then on the Centurylink bill as well (since their companies do not talk to each other). IT HAS BEEN HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!

We have spent countless hours/days on the phone with them trying to get things worked out and decided that we cannot waste any more of our life with them. When my husband called to cancel and explained that they did not hold up their end of the bargain since we were not getting what we signed up for, we were told of the cancellation fee. They offered to fix things (which they always did--but of course never got fixed as they promised, so of course we didn't opt for that.) It was our understanding that we would not have to pay the cancellation fee because of our circumstances with them. Then of course we get the ~$600 bill from them with a $440 cancellation fee. Once again, call customer service, then a supervisor again all to be told there is nothing they can do. Period. Nice, so we are being penalized for a contract that I (as the customer) cannot break, but DirectTV does not have to provide the services agreed to on their end. Hmmm, sure doesn't seem like that is legal.

I wish we could sue them-- although would cost more for us to do than the fee I guess. I am sure that is what they know and HOW THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY since they suck, charge to much and then stick you with a HUGE cancellation fee.

I am irate, I cannot say enough bad things about them. Even before the cancellation fee I did not like them. Now I detest them.

My husband says to pay it and be rid of them since they have a huge legal department and if this is they way they want to business and get ahead, it will come back to them someday. Karma I guess.

I guess if I look at from the perspective of now we have cable again AND this actually WORKS, we pay about $50+ less a month with cable and we do not have to waste our time on the phone with those DirectTV clowns anymore, it makes it a little easier to swallow. If I divide out months that were left in our contract to the $440 cancellation fee, I guess the fee per month to be rid of them is more tolerable (although it pains me to waste this HUGE amount of money on them).

I will wait for the day down the road when I read in the paper or on-line that the government is coming after them for shady practices. (Wait, I guess they have numerous times and nothing has changed. BUT, hopefully word spreads and movements start and people stay the heck away from these swindlers.

Karma DirectTV, Karma!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $440.

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