Jackson, Mississippi

Direct TV ripped me off using the early cancellation fee scam. They charged me $400.00 to cancel because I was promised HD on the local stations, but they never delivered. When the service tech finished, he said HD is not available in Jackson, MS. "No Way!!", I said.

Each time I called, I was told that I agreed, I requested, I asked for, or I signed up for the service I received. I asked for HD on the local stations but never received. I even filed a request with the FCC to have a east or west coast feed sent to my receiver (which is possible) but they failed to do that.

All during the acquisition of Direct TV, there was no mentioning of a early cancellation fee, no mentioning of a 2-year contract, no mentioning of HD availability until after I sign what I thought was an installation order.

I was told that the work order was my contract and I had committed to 2 years of service. I informed them that I didn't want 2 years of service if I didn't have HD on my local stations.

"I'm sorry!!", the lady said. "You agreed to it!" But no one ever told me that I was being stomped with something I didn't want or ask for.

I have since filed a complaint with the Attorney General Office through our Consumer Protection Division. I don't know what good it will do but Direct TV needs to be stopped before they rip off more people.

Direct TV, for those of you wanting satellite TV, is not the way to go. Choose someone else!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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They did the same thing to me. I filed a complaint with the BBB and am awaiting a response.

Mine is a bit different because I have to move and the place I'm moving to doesn't accept Direct TV. This cancellation fee is unscrupulous business practice, plain and simple, Sally.


Just got first Bill thought it was going to be 49.99 .It was 93.00 .WOW !I understand the rebate now. But the installer asked if I wanted HD for 10.00 a month .Said OK. He then said I had to sign for the HD so I did.I did not know I was signing a contract.Sally u suck .


Sally, that isn't true because I have Direct TV and they never mentioned anything about a 2yr agreement or any cancelations fees. Not to say that its not in the work order I signed, but as far as mentioning it, they didn't.

So James..... I feel your pain brother!!!!!!!!!


I could have written this story exactly. The technician was unable to get any HD programming.

However, the technician told me that I had 30 days to cancel. When I called to cancel I was given the same story that you were. I got what I asked for, despite what the technician said. The CS reps are extremely rude, and I spoke with two managers, neither of whom were even willing to allow me to upgrade the standard receivers to a DVR.

Even thought I was originally supposed to have an HD DVR at no charge.

I wish I had taken the time to read some more reviews. I haven't read anything positive about this ridiculous company.


You're a liar. I'm sure Direct TV can show evidence that they did in fact state in your agreement that they mentioned a cancellation fee.

Don't worry, because your phone conversation is recorded and I'm sure they have it on file. I hope they sue you.

They can hold you liable for slander and defamation if you're proven a liar in court for posting these lies. Have a great day!