Los Angeles, California

No notice given for the removal of Direct TVs News Mix channels. One of the top features when choosing to re-up with them.

Already mad about them adding no extra cost inclusion of NBA pkg. to new subscribers, but no consideration for existing customers. The Direct TV News Mix channel is invaluable next to the invention of the Picture in a Picture feature no longer available. Now, what next, no Sports Mix?

Bring it back or give us some reasonable explanation and a slight discount. I am truly upset in Los Angeles., Back to Dish or Cable, some choice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Channel.

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I also am upset that Newsmix is gone. I have bragged on it to family without Directv.

It is vital when national story is breaking, like school shooting. I called and was told "well, at least you still have the news stations themselves." Are you kidding me? Is this a ploy to make us watch commercials rather than breaking news?

And why is sportsmix still on? This is extremely disappointing.


Come ON! Bring us our news mix back! I used it daily and have been a long time customer....what was the point???