Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
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I really enjoy Direct TC, but latley DirectTv is acting like Time Warner Cable, more about hte money than caring for your CUSTOMER.. I enjoyed the Weather Channel.

It kept well informed and I can check the weather for my local area any time during the day or night.. This new subsitute channel is only concerned with major city weather and doesn't care little cities..

.I do hope That DirectTv well bring back the Weahter Channel and STOP BEING GREEDY about MONEY>>> It will only eventaully lead to the companies down fall when your customer gets feed up with cancellign their channel over money..

Darryl Fleming

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Go on a computer or your beloved smart phone..go the the weather channels website or still works and is faster and better than the tv....why pay more on your billwhen there is a free app or website. The weather channel is dumb for wanting more money when we can all get it for free


No more Prospectors. This makes me sad.

No more checking my local weather right at my home. No more checking the weather at my beach house at the touch of a couple buttons.

I love the weather channel. I hate DirecTV for getting rid of it.


I am extremely unhappy with the drop of TWC. Shame on Direct TV..

You chose a terrible substitute. There are not enough bad adjectives to describe the DOWN grade.

I pray you will reconsider.


After 16 years we switched from Dish to Direct... Right off you dropped the weather channel.

I don't understand watching a channel for hours and still not knowing how to plan your day let alone a whole week. If I am traveling I want to know the weather for my destination.

You look at the screen and see 3 different things going on at the same time. I hope your pocket is happy because I am NOT!!

Better yet at 6:30 PM on Sunday evening they were showing the highs for Sat.

Sun & Mon.

Who gives a flying flip.

I am not expressing my real feelings at this time!



Its always a money thing but why put a weather channel on that u can't get ur own local weather! With the Weather channel I too loved that I could check small town weather whenever I needed to. Now forget it, this *** channel I dont get *** anytime!!


I do not want to pay extra for 1 channel i do not use. I watch my local weather on a local channel or go to weather dot com


Ok let's be fair directv did NOT cancel the weather channel, the weather channel canceled directv if it means that much tell them not to demand 2x the money to carry their channel