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Been without most of channels for 3 weeks. People in Texas wouldn't fix dish.

Tired of being passed from person to person. Been customer since 2004. My account is overpaid. When will I get my money back.

I'm getting Dish Network put in home in a few days. Tv has already been turned off by you. I want the boxes sent to me & the money owed to me. Because of having to deal with this problem has put my blood pressure over stroke stage.

Went to doctor again today.

I'm 74, sick & tired. Send boxes for receivers & money owed to me.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Watch the account they have on file for you because they may be trying to charge you for non-returned equipment. It may be wise to send the boxes back on your own but be sure to send them insured so they will have to sign for them. As far as getting your money back DTV does not like to return any money.