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We thought it would be good idea to bundle together our phone, internet service and tv. What a bunch of liars they are.

They quoted us one price $59.99 plus tax and some other small charges like universal fee for the phone which may come to $70 for everything.

First month, $159. They said, due to the new delivery of the modem. Okay, I can understand that.

Second month, $289 and some cents. The Centurylink part of the bill is correct, but Direct TV now charges us $165.90 because they are changing their billing cycle to match Centurylink or some such lies they gave us. Whatever. When you called them, the phone would ring, and then dead air. You cannot even get through for long time.

Those liars bundled so they will not have to resolve anything and can push you from one company to another so they never have to take care of the problems.

We are looking into filing with FCC and Better Business Bureau.

Got all the people we talked to, what they said, and email confirmations. Will see if that gets anyone's attention.

Monetary Loss: $280.

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I had the same exact problem. I was thinking that they do this to everyone. There has to be a way to file a class action lawsuit.


U R So right! On everything you went through with the prices and being lied to about their fees.

I started a bundle with Century Link phone Internet AND (Direct TV, which is a SEPARATE COMPANY). Everything from the first installation and just trying to call them is the hugest scam and worst stress I have had with any company EVERRR!!!! I cancelled before even 3 mos of service because of PROBLEMS WITH EVERY SINGLE THING YOU DEAL WITH. I could never get hold of anyone on the phone, they give you soooo many phone numbers to call and none know what they are talking about or help you.

YOU CANT EVEN PAY YOUR x&%$%^&*BILL. They don't tell you you have 2 different account numbers for the DTV and your Century Link services, which didn't work right the whole time. Then I find out one account no. is WRONG so when you call to pay or get help they can't find you as a customer.

MY DTV programming is worse than ***. I don't want it and don't watch it but they tell you you agree to a 2 yr contract or they will charge about 500 if you cancel or don't pay them. Does anyone know a way to get out of this unbelievable scam of a contract with Direct TV. I cancelled my other services and they are still causing me so much stress and confusion that I want to report them and get them out of business.

I could go on and on about how bad they are.


I know they are liars. I've had problems with them for years :(


Well I had a similar issue but mine was identity theft- no help at first from Direct TV. The Century Link fraud and customer service people were good - but here is the outcome FINALLY with Direct TV- even thought it is fraud based maybe they can help readers

Direct- TV


To The Office of The President:

I recently had an unfortunate situation turned around into a case study for the proper way to handle a disgruntled consumer.

With out going into the entire sordid story- I had started out with your fraud department and a girl named Pia. I had spoke to a few people within the department but ended up dealing with her twice. The department- was worthless to help- inexperienced and would not do what I asked. But Pia was rude, haughty, flippant and quite *** acting. She handled herself in a very unprofessional way- and half of what she said, when I acted on it was wrong. This exasperated me immensely.

I went onto the Consumer Ripoff site and found an email for someone at the top of the company and blasted off an irate email.

By the time Lisa got involved and called me in response to my desperate email for help and demand for a resolution to an unusual situation - you can imagine the state of mind I was in.

I was highly frustrated and had zero faith in Direct -Tv's ability to care or respond with a fair resolution.

But then things changed upon speaking to Lisa. Not only did she listen, she evaluated the circumstances, explained what was going on.She also comforted me with her empathy and understanding. She totally caught me off guard and diffused my frustration and anguish by the end of that phone call.

And to top things off - Lisa offered a solution based on the facts, and undersold what she hoped she would be able to do. She allowed me to go to work with peace. But she didn't stop there. Within an hour's time Lisa had solved and worked out my situation and had her facts straight. She explained exactly what she would do, how it had to be done and what I needed to do to finalize everything.

This is after my spending two weeks and countless hours trying to get a resolution regarding my fraud case of identity theft resolved- which to me meant alot of money and gut wrenching irritation- due to zero fault of mine.

And today- I received confirmation in the mail that Lisa Martinez did exactly what she said she would within the exact time she said she would.

It is with great pleasure I write this letter to commend Lisa Martinez for being an outstanding human being, and a shining star within Direct TV. With Lisa's skills and intelligence she should be considered for the best of any promotions available, paid training and any incentives offered. Lisa is an invaluable asset to any company and you are lucky she is with you. Do not waste such talent.

I will be posting this letter on the same web-sites I wrote about my frustration-- to let the web audience know the final results, thanks to Lisa.



I never had a problem with Directv until I bundled with that centurylink company. I dont want anything to do with century link.


The better business bureau gets more complaints against DirectTV than it does any other business in the US. they do not even answer complaints filed against DTV because of the large number of complaints.

Direct has been in business for many years and know the ends and outs and all the tricks to play and who to pay off.

They have got this down to an art. I'm not on DTV's side I wish you luck