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Hi, I bundled up with Direct TV and Century Link on September 2011, and they told me that it would take 3 month billing cycle for my bundle process to complete. Two month after i didn't receive any bill from direct TV or Century Link so i call Century Link to pay my bill but they told me that they can't help me because I'm not bundled up with Direct TV, so i call Direct TV and they told me that I'm bundled up with Century Link.

I told them that i want to unbundled, but i can't because they don't have me "bundled".

They told me to wait for another month so the bundling process to complete. So i would be charge for one month without any services from them because my service are closed due to unpaid bill.

Monetary Loss: $123.

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Ok some options at this point:

1.)It seems to me a class action law suite may be in order. I am not joking. I believe that Century Link is running a racket on folks with the bundling option. I believe its a scam to try and wear folks down.

2.)Contact the FCC--with enough complaints we can cost Century Link some real money.

3.)Don't give up. Keep calling them. It costs them $ every time you call. The more you call the more it costs them so just keep calling.

4.)Keep blogging. It's the power of the internet that these companies fear. Make it work for you. The goal is to break Century Link. If they won't respond because they have no spirit of caring, perhaps when they stop making $ this way they will care.


:cry I pay bills online through my bank. Twice in last six months Century Link turns off services for "lack of payment", but payment was entered by bank online EARLY.

This is for a 15-year customer who has never missed a payment! Wow, what appreciation! So I spend hours on phone with rude people who say "well, it didn't go through".

Well, it went right through my bank account. Absolutely hate this company.


Century Link is awful!! I spent 2 (two) hours on the phone trying to figure out my bill...they blamed everything on Directv..after I got the names of everyone i talked to and quoted those people, I still got absolutely NOTHING accomplished!!!!!!!

My bill is now $200 a month...that is NOT saving anything!!!!!!!!!! It is ridiculous and I wish I had NEVER gone with Century Link...EVER...can't wait to figure out how the *** to get away from them......


I am haveing the same trouble.It is the worst company ever.


If you can pull out!!! There is absolutely no savings WHAT SO EVER with Century Link.

The only thing that is consistent with CL is BLAMING others, this company is a joke. Since the merger with Qwest I have not heard one good thing about them and I am sick and tired of these people adding more hidden fees and ridiculous fines.

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH CENTURY LINK! All this company is going is riding the coat tails of what good was left at Qwest.


I just wish i knew what the real prices were i have talked to 15 different people and got 15to different prices for tv and internet.


You know what so great about the bundling between these two wonderful companies? Is that neither of them will ever have to resolve an issue for you ever again.

It has been a constant back and forth between the two companies to try to resolve issues. You call CenturyLink they blame the problem on DirecTV.

You call DirecTV they tell you it's a CenturyLink problem. Both companies win, the consumer loses and they can get away with this because there are no other options.


What a bunch of B.S.! century link was never that polite to try to help when I had the same problem with them.

I ended up having to pay 400 for 5 months of service because they could not get their bundling story correct.$15 a month for 5 months DOES NOT EQUAL $400!! They never tried to offer to help in any way exept to tell me to call the other company, which had no idea about the bundling offer and to call the other.

For 2 more additional months i went through this until I finaly told both to cancel me and direct tv wouldn't even tell me where to return the equipment to until i paid a cancellation fee. Soffice it to say, I wouldn't trust direct tv or century link.


Hi this is Joey with CenturyLink. We're sorry to read about the trouble you're having with your billing. If you contact us we can look into this issue for you. Email with your name, account number and reference your post here on Thanks!

Joey H

Manager, @CenturyLinkHelp Team


2016 and they still suck. going to cancel and eat early charge.

only way now. worst co.

ever and prizim sucks. Jerry S