I am VERY unhappy with the change in music channels on DirectTV from XM/Sirius to Sonic. The channels may still play the same genre of music but the selections suck.

The Bridge and Watercolors were two of the best stations I'd ever heard and the replacements don't even come close. When I heard Whitney Houston on a station where I usually heard the likes of Jackson Browne, Dan Fogelberg, Crosby Stills & Nash, etc. I nearly gagged. When we pay as much as we do for satellite service we deserve what we pay for. If you have DirectTV please let them know if you're unhappy too.


Stamford, NY

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How do you find the last song played on sonic.Channel 854 blues.

I looked on the web site but they dont show the last song played only music that they want sell you.I was looking for Sunday Jan 30 10:00 am to 11:00 am Thanks in advance if anyone can help


DTV belongs canned.WTF were they thinking dropping XM/Sirius.

This Sonic *** is just disgusting, plain awful.

What a downgrade in service.This qualifies for immediate dismissal of the people in charge who decided to drop XM/Sirius.


sonic is a cheap second rate outfit that treats people like a blank faced number. I have tried to contact them and get some answers as to why they won't play some of the tunes I would like to here on the blues channell instead of some of the consistent repetitive tunes they insist on playing over & over. NO REPLEY treated like just one of the people who go into the not happy category and just another number.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #174243

There is a huge opera listening group.It is on Chanel 78 on Sirius radio .Now because of shift to Sonictap ,it is unavailable for TV listening.Bad for Met,Sirius and Direct TV


I also have XM/Sirius in my car and can't believe that it is not on Direct TV anymore. XM is way more hipper. Come on Direct TV....love your company....except for the music since February.


contrary to all the complaints...i like the change from xm to sonic tap on directv.

i prefer 70's music and thought it was great when xm first came on. the main reason was that it initially was music only... not dj's at all. thats what i liked about it.

then they brought dj's on the air so xm sounded just like any other radio station except for local weather and traffic reports. now sonic tap is on and they don't (so far) have dj's on the 70's channel. thats what i listen to music for ...

music!way to go sonic tap!


Why would you puton the tvto listen to the radio?? get real ppl it is just background noise


Yes honestly I have sirius and I listen to it all day at work and Sonic sucks big time I hate it. I tried to listen to it while working in the yard last weekend and it was horrible. Horrible music selections


Sonic is the *** and everyone needs to stop *** about a little new music!!! :) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :zzz


Sonic's playlist sucks. They seems to play a lot of unknown artists and second rate ***, must be to reduce their royalty costs. If I wanted muzak I would go sit in an elevator.

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