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I have had Direct TV for about half year. For this short period, I have seen channels removed little by little (TWC and some spiritual/inspirational programs), but the bill stays the same.

Direct Tv representative informed me that the bill will be lowered to $120 (package of TV (Direct Tv), interned (Verizon), Phone (Verizon)) dollars a month within 3 months, they lied. I called them to contest and I was informed that the only thing I can do is file a complaint with the executive office. I did, now what? I am afraid that in the long run Direct Tv will run just one program (Customer information channel) and our charge will maintain the same.

My question is that by removing channels, wouldn't that make the contract void? I would love to get out of this contract.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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Just to let everyone know, there is a fee customers if a technician visit them for technical issues. I just hope they don't sent any bullets to my tv when they need money...I don't have the insurance they offer.

It would cost me 240 a year (20$ per bill), even if I have no problems with the satelite. I think they should emburst their customers if nothing happens throughout the year.

If it does, they should only charge for the service provided. Thieves.


SAME PROBLEMS, along with thousands Direct TV customers, or should I say Victoms? reps are trained to say "read your contract". They can lie to you all they want to , then it's "read your contract." DIRECT TV IS A TOTAL CROOKSTER COMPANY !!!!!!!!!


You never paid for the inspiration channel..they paid directv for air space. If you want them back on the air pay them directly as the donations from people are what gives them the money to pay directv to air their channel.

They chose not to renew the contract...directv did not drop them. I do not believe this channel has a contract with any provider any more..due to lack of viewer contributions to the station.


If they take programmings out, why don't they replace them with another channel? I also believe that any program that accesses the airwave as channels are paying directv for air time. for whatever reason, if they are not receiving money for these services, they should notify customers about removals and credit for services they are not providing anymore, even if programs were being funded by the public.


There is no sure way of getting out of their contract but I can advise you not to accept any new equipment regardless of the reason for the remainder of your contract and if they have your bank or credit card# change the number or close account and open new one and get a prepaid card for their files. Start paying them with money orders and keep your receipts.

When returning their equipment be sure to keep the tracking number to make sure they get their equipment.

They do not like to accept money orders but they have no choice.. I hope this helps.


In short no it doesn't void the contract because it says clearly that DirecTV has the right to change programming as business needs change

@dtv billing supervisor

Just like a company supervisor! Where is Speed channel?

GONE. Where is soap channel? GONE. Where is TWC?

GONE, along with others. I KNOW your answer, "read your contract, we have no control.........blah, blah, blah. Robot answers. Customer service is a JOKE, and Direct TV is a JOKE.

Be glad when my contract is up. My advice to anyone considering Direct TV is RUN, RUN, the other way.

I would NEVER recommend to a friend. Maybe an enemy.


Speed and soap went off the air they decided that channel was not making the company money. Fox owned speed, Disney owned soap, twc wants much note money for "the privilege" to carry their channel 90% don't want to pay more for twc so use weather nation and if you like it don't watch it.

and yes I do tell people to read anything they sign to prevent the old "I wasn't told" if you do not read it but sign anyway who is at fault, the person who wrote the contract or the fool who didn't read it. People in this country need to take responsibility for your own actions that includes reading agreements you sign

@dtv billing supervisor

Try telling that to nearly 50% + of your customers... Most of the followers to any blog about directv is may not only be the contract, it is also about stealing money without consent and then so.

I guess you found the easies argument about can talk positive about it because if you don't you might loose your job. GREAT JOB SUPERVISOR!


Speed channel got bought out by fox sports look it up, Disney owned soap channel they dropped it too. No one company has those channels. Dtv doesn't just drop channels for no reason