Sacramento, California

I have been a customer for over 8 years NEVER had my services turned off and today it got turned off because I was SUPPOSED to call and let you guys know I did not want the NFL TICKET!!! really I was supposed to call to tell you that it wasn't NOTICED on my check that I was only paying for my regular TV and now I'm turned off because i didn't pay the full amount which was all the NFL ticket *** so I have to eat 90 dollars I am a mother of 3 I don't have that kind of money!!!

hope you enjoy not having me as a customer anymore since I referred many people to you; well not anymore!!

I'm telling all my friends you guys suck!! I am so PISSED at you people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Direct Tv is pulling it's same BS this year with automatically adding NFL to your statement. CUSTOMER BEWARE!!!!

$53.99 for 6 months. I never authorized this.

When I called it took 30 minutes of my morning to get it off my bill. And the customer service told me I was lucky because the season had already started. family doesn't even watch football. needless to say I was very pissed!!!!!


Direct TV pulled something similar with me.

The only thing I accepted was the Premier service, not the NFL Sunday Ticket. I said repeatedly to the customer service person that I did not want the Sunday Ticket if I couldn't get the same deal my friend got (5months free if the Sunday Ticket is ordered).

The customer service person made the mistake and I am paying for it which is not acceptable.

I am a long time customer, Once again I want to stress I never ordered the Sunday ticket, the employee mistakenly added this to my account, and if they reviewed the recordings they would see that. Does anyone know any legal recourse?


They pulled the same BS on me, do they really expect people to remember to cancel this package a year later? I didnt even want it in the first place.

Obviously it is not a favor to the customer it is a trick, they hope you will forget to cancel (and lots of people do im sure)so that they can charge you 300 dollars that is non transferrable.

I am disgusted with their practices and will cancel and go back to Cox cable, never ever had a problem with them in my life. Direct tv cable just plain sucks anyways.


I just experienced the same sneaky business practices with the NFL Ticket. I took it for a promotional offer and cancelled it.

They, without knowledge or consent from me, added pack on to my package. I did not notice the change in my bill, because I was not expecting it. I bundle it with my phone and dsl charges with verizon, and thought that another memeber of the family had just run up extra data or call costs. I called to have them take it back off, and refund me for the three months.

Not only would they not correct the error, but would not cancel the service - get this - "because the season had already started". These people are crooks and if anyone knows about an active class action suit, I'd love to be a part of it.


I was contacted by a Direct TV salesman, asking if I wanted to get every movie channel they had for $6.00 for 5 months. I explained that I usually did not watch movies, but would give it a try.

He kept asking me what my favorite NFL team was. I explained that I have never watched football - hence no favorite. I am direct billed by Direct TV and did not see the $60.00 charge for NFL Sunday ticket until Feb. 2010 when I cancelled the 5 mo.

movie trial. I had to cancel my service before 3 people called and asked me to stay.

Finally they took $10 off my bill for 12 months. I nice solution, but I still feel their sales man tricked me.


Yea, Make sure you call to cancell, a letter is not sufficient. Rip off