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Due to a now imposed cancellation fee, I am disputing to:


Attention: Billing Disputes

P.O. Box 6550

Greenwood Villages, CO 80155-6550

Has DTV cancelled any of your cancellation fees?

In early 2003, we decided to switch our television services to DTV. We understood that we were entering a contract for - I believe, a year. Since that time, we have continued to use your services; however, in June and/or July 2009, our television(s) experienced the following: certain channels not available; stuttering with the conversations on ABC and on other channels - on all of the televisions in our home; and to top it off, one of the finales -4275was not televised due to the satellites being unable to bring in reception. When I called, I was told that DTV had no control over the elements. I decided that I would give it more time, but reception continued to drag and to stutter missing out on entire lines of conversation. This happened on all of our televisions, so we knew it wasn't just one television nor the TIVO, etc. Because of the poor reception, we decided to cancel DTV.

Going back a year or so, in the early part of 2008, we received a letter from DTV - unsolicited - to replace the current receiver with a new one due to a DTV upgrade. No mention was ever made that IF we accepted a new receiver, we would be entering into another contract. Unfortunately we accepted the new receiver last October 2008 only to find that my husband had to dig a trench under the sidewalk in order to run a line there so the new dish could be attached to our wall. (That was not part of the guy's job who came out) This wasn't really okay (my husband is 76 years' old) but we decided to try and make the change as smoothly as possible. We discovered our remote for the old receiver (which we paid almost $100 for) would not work with the new one. Because of the new receiver, we purchased another remote for almost $200. Despite myriad calls to DirectTV, we could never get it to work properly. We gave up on that and just worked it manually.

Due the inability of DTV to provide satisfactory reception, we decided to go back to cable in order to eliminate the aforementioned problems. When my husband first called to notify your company that we planned to cancel, he was told that we were in breach of our contract and would be charged $240. Since I knew we had not entered into a written contract, I called and explained the above situation to the woman on the line. I was told, after she checked thoroughly into the matter, that we had not requested a new receiver; therefore, we had not entered into a new contract and did not owe anything. Yesterday I received a bill for that amount, and called again - spending another 30+ minutes or more trying to get this sorted out. I was told that I could dispute these charges.

As you can see, we have made every effort to comply with the requests of DTV and have ALWAYS paid our bills on time - despite the problems aforementioned. It has been a nightmare, and we wish to dispute your charges formally.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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I have been with DIRECTV for only a few months since July 2015 I am now moving and with my girlfriend who already has Dish Network on her house I am now being charged a $400 cancellation fee a person I am living with already has satellite she is in a contract also there is no need for the early termination fee when you are moving in with a different person I will never use DirecTV again even when her contract is up nor will I recommend it to anyone I know in the future


I was charged twice the price I was quoted and cannot get it worked out then they told me if I left they would charge me for the one year service I signed up for even though they have been terrible and their service is got to be the worst out there and they keep dropping channels.

Willard Norris :cry :cry :cry :(


I just got off the phone 20 mins. ago with Direct TV.

I've been a customer of theirs for two years as I purchase the NFL package annually. I recently called to cancel my service because I can't afford $155 per month anymore. I was abruptly told that I would be required to pay a $240 cancellation fee since I opted to have a DVR service originally. Working in the customer service industry for many years, and having served in the US Air Force for many years, I find it absolutely appauling that DIRECT TV acts like this to its customers who decide to spend hard earned money with DIRECT TV rather than it's competitors.

I am one of those people who know lots and lots of people and will go to every length to spend my weekend writing reviews, discussing these shady practices, and trying to help others stay far away from these scams. DIRECT TV knows when you cancel...that's it for they gouge you on the way out. WAY TO GO DIRECT TV...I hope all of your negativity toward the customers gets reciprocated ten-fold. I believe in treating people fairly and business will come.

You have sown shady/unethical practices and will ultimately reap what you sow. I will be in direct contact over the next few months with any and everyone in order to shed light on this disgrace of an American company....Especially my states AG.


I received the following email this morning saying the same thing I was told before I cancelled. Just goes to show you, the squeaky wheel gets the grease - sometimes. In this case, I KNEW I was right else I wouldn't have spent hours and hours blogging, tweeting and posting here and on facebook. I wanted to let you all know what the outcome was for me.

"Thank you for writing us back. I see you have been a loyal DIRECTV customer since 2004, and I want to let you know we appreciate your business and continued support. I am terribly sorry to hear you decided to go ahead and file a complaint with several agencies, and I will be happy to address your concerns. DIRECTV responds as previously mentioned to any inquiries presented to us, but we always encourage our customers to contact us to discuss the matter.

I have reviewed your account information to ensure accuracy of information. Your DIRECTV equipment was activated on 10/30/08, and although in almost every case a 24 month agreement is necessary, I do see where you accepted a free HD swap offer that did not require a new agreement. I have removed the agreement from your account as this was during our HD transition where we would swap the MPEG-2 recivers for MPEG-4 receivers at no charge or agreements so our customers could get all of the new HD content.


This sounds like to me, consumer fraud. Now as long as you got those peoples names and when you called them, plus a receipt saying how much you were charged over and above what you were suppose to pay, then get online to your states attorney generals offices website, look for consumer protection, then when you get on that website, look for consumer protection laws.

Look through the laws the pertain to you and copy and paste the ones you find at the bottom of your short story of what had happened to you. Trust me, when they get a letter from your states AG, they'll change their mind and pay you. Why not use your states AG? You already paid for the service through your taxes.

So, it's free to you. Good luck and go get em!


Thanks for the head's up. I've also filed a complaint with the Arizona Attorney General, filing a complaint with the BBB, tweeted and shared on facebook.

Getting the word out there. I'll try your tactic next!


Sending them a letter will only cost you a stamp. Call the main customer service number 1-800-435-5314 and demand a refund. You have to be stern and yell about it or you just get the cold shoulder.