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On 3/31/11 by mother stopped by my house and asked if she could use my credit card to pay the initial set up fee to Direct TV as she wished to have their dish installed at her house. We called the company from my house, and after a very long process we had things set up and a visit was scheduled. They were quite confused about why my mother's phone number was not the number we were calling from. After explaining it at least 3 times, we thought the matter was settled.

All they had to do was swap out the dish that was already there and put in theirs. A very simple job that did not require anything but the dish swap. The day before they were scheduled to do the visit to set her dish

they called me. Again - I went through the process of trying to get my phone number off their records and my mother's phone number on it. I swear to you - 2 hours later they called me again to reverify the site visit and I went through the whole thing again, and again, I was assured that it was taken care of.

The day of the visit 4/3/11: the man doing the installation called me to verify that someone would be home because the number still wasn't changed and he thought he was calling my mother. I gave him her number and verified the directions to her house. About an hour later he called me again to tell me that he was running late, because he was still using my number and still assuming I was her. She did finally get it installed, and she patiently explained to them that they needed to get her phone number on the file.

In May I received my credit card bill. On it was a charge dated 4/11/11 in the amount of $862.66! I called them immediately and was told by customer service that they could not find that charge anywhere in their files. Therefore, I had to complete the dispute form they would email to me, and fax it back. Within the hour I had that done.

This is day 10. I've called twice today and have been told that the finance dept. would call me back today. They haven't called. My credit card has not been credited. I don't know where to go from here. Yes, I am very, very pissed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $862.

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directv stole money from someone that they have no contract with. they did the same thing to me.

I dont need to take it up with their customer, they need to find and bill their customer. Its not my problem if they make bad decisions who to provide service for. I am not responsible for other peoples bills. If I paid with western union they would not have stole money from western union to cover their customers bill.

If I paid with a money order they would not have stolen their fees from the money orders bank. and if I paid cash they would not have taken more money out of my wallet. But they have it all setup where they can steal from credit cards and debit cards. they need to go find their customers and stop stealing money from people they have no contract with.

anyone who supports them is supporting liars and thieves. think about that before you say anyone owes anything so someone else should have to pay.


But she doesn't. All they did was switch the dish out.

Absolutely no other hardware was used.

And according to Direct TV, no such charge appears anywhere on her account. I called 2 more times today and still, no-one knows what's going on - not even the supervisors.


obvious your mother owes them the $863 so get it off of her.