Akron, Ohio

Last July I ordered Directv. We agreed upon a price but when I got my first bill it was about $40 more.

I called and was told my next bill would show the adjustments. Never happened. Called again and told the difference was because of equipments. Now I find that the price that was supposed to be locked in for 2 years was only for 1 year.

Now my bill is going up even more. Told them I wanted to cancel their services. They told me that if I did I would have to pay a cancelation fee of $250. because I signed a contract for 2 years.

I told them to send me a copy of that contract with our signatures on it. They said they had no way of doing that. Yea because we didn't sign one.

THEY ARE ARE RIP OFF. Stay away from them.

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DirectTV is a Scam pure and simple! they do this and many more of their scams to honest hard working people.

DTV makes the rules as they go along and all in their favor.They can and will ruin your credit if you cancel as well as cleaning out your bank account or credit card. Also too if you accept any new equipment for ANY reason during your contract term this will expend your contract for another 2 years. They do not tell you this until after you get the new equipment. I had DTV for 5 months of pure *** and my bill was never correct!

they will put bogus charges and movies you do not order on your bill and when you return their equipment they will often say there are unpaid movies on the card and it is your word against theirs. Having an antenna and Roku player is much better than having DTV.


well seems odd . I have had them for 3 years wonderful service!

Always the same bill free movie channels every few months never over charged for them but then again I know that i NEED TO CALL AND HAVE IT SHUT OFF , ALSO I KNOW THE MY ADVANCED EQUIPMENT DOSE COST MORE BUT i READ CONTRACTS SO i KNEW THIS UP FRONT. READ WHAT U SIGN SHEEPLE!!!


I hope all continues to be good for you but make no mistake you are not special to DTV maybe simply lucky that have not overcharged you as of yet or extended your contract for another 2 years because their equipment failed and this is the only way they will send another box or do without TV and pay their bill anyway. DTV leaves you no choice!

I have read horror stories from customers that have had DTV for many years and their equipment failed and they were automatically entered into a new 2 year contract without their knowledge and then tried to cancel service only to be charged a huge cancellation fee.

No one is Special at DirectTV! They just have not gotten to you yet but rest assured you could be next.


If you guys would pay attention to what you are signing up for and read the terms of our agreement, you would know that our first year offers are rebate offers they have set durations.

Yes, we give you hbo/starz/max/showtime for free 3mo's after that you need to cancel them or we charge you.

Yes, the rebate you got was roughly 30$ off for first 12 months, and 10$ off after that for months 13-24 after that the normal price begins

Yes, if you got HD/DVR equipment that costs more, because that is stuff we had to develop and it wasn't cheap to do that. 10$ monthly HD 10$ monthly DVR 3$ monthly Whole Home DVR

BUT Auto bill pay and paperless billing give you a 10$ discount on those services for the first 24 months as well if you sign up for them when setting up services.

Paid TV isn't cheap, try being the rep, for a day, that gets inundated with people who are ignorant and sign agreements before reading them.

When our tech comes to your house, as he finishes his work, he pulls his work phone out of his pocket, there is a little check marked box you have to click that says I agree to terms and services. Next to that box, a link that pulls up that actual agreement if you want to read it. Underneath that check box is a blank box you have to sign your name with the phone stylist. So, yes a 2 year agreement and you did sign it and there is actually a way for us to send you the digitally signed copy of the agreement.

http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/global/contentPageIFnorail.jsp?assetId=P4960016 go there and request a copy of the signed agreement with the required info we will e-mail you the signed copy. Understand what you are signing up for before you sign it and you'll never have this issue again.


By paying for the service, you accepted the terms and conditions "AS IS".

You accepted it, now pay it, put on your big boy pants and pay your bill.