Charlestown, Massachusetts

I pay my bills in full monthly via computer-directed payments from my bank. Last month the bank sent Directv a check paying the amount due in full.

Then, as a result of a computer error, the bank sent a second check purporting to pay the account from a different closed account (it did the same thing with respect to a number of my bills including credit card bills). Obviously, the second check was ultimately returned NSF after Directv had received the good payment and was no longer owed anything. Even so, Directv charged me a penalty of $16.84 ($15 for NSF reversal fee, $1.01 sales tax, $0.83 gross earnings tax reimbursement). IT WAS THE ONLY BUSINESS THAT HAD RECEIVED TWO CHECKS THAT DID THIS--even the normally rapacious credit card service companies did not and some, including my bank, advised me that to have charged a penalty when the bill was in fact paid in full by a good check was "a BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE." When I contacted Directv, the customer service person kept repeating to me that, since my bank caused the problem in the first place and the problem was not of Directv's doing in the first place, Directv was entitled to charge me even if it had already been paid in full and Direvtv did not care whether other businesses thought that its policy was a bad business practice.

If I did not like it, choose another service for my TV and internet. I surely won't recommend the service to anyone notwithstanding the $100 teasers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

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