Fort Polk, Louisiana

On 02/25/13, I called 1-866-687-9402 to order my Direct TV and I had Ms. Khanh Duong to help me open the account # 82967147. She told me that my bill would be $29.98 and the technician would come to my house on 02/28/13 from 8 a.m to 12 p.m for installation. However, I had been waiting for the whole morning but nobody showed up nor gave me a call to let me know why they could not come. I called back the same number and at this time I met Ms. Vy. She was very attitude on the phone. She answered me that it was not her fault, she just worked in the office to take order but did not take responsibility for others. Eventually she did not give me any answer at all.

I called the number 1-800-531-500 and pressed #2 to cancel my account, then I met Ms. Yenitza. She was very nice on the phone and immediately said sorry for the mistake. When she checked my account, she figured out that my bill would be $39.98, not $29.98. It meant I was cheated on the previous conversation. So, Ms. Yenitza, at this time, reset my account again in order to correct my rate of $29.98. And my new account was # 64578105. She gave me an appointment on 03/09/13 from 8 a.m to 12 p.m for installation and she surely stated that the Direct TV technician would not miss the appointment again.

Unfortunately, it happened again. I had been waiting for the whole morning but nobody showed up nor gave me a call to explain why they could not come. I called back Direct TV via number 1-800-531-500 and press #2 to cancel my account. This time, I also got an apology from one of your operators (I did not remember her name). She told me that she would ask the technician to contact me shortly to let me know what happened. I gave another try. After 30 minutes, I got a call from Direct TV technician center. She explained to me that my area needed to be spray the line before the technician come. I asked her when the spray-line would be done and when the technician would come, but she answered that she did not know. It meant she did not have any idea about the schedule, so how I could schedule myself. So frustrated, I had to call back the Direct TV to cancel my account.

In short, I would like to bring these issues:

1. Attitude of Ms. Vy and her No Team-work.

2. Cheating me on the monthly rate.

3. Technicians never showed up even there were reminders via email to me a day before.

Even I already cancel my account, I hope the Direct TV can improve its customer services and employees can be more professional in their jobs.

Fort Polk, 10 March 2013

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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