Sioux Center, Iowa

When I ordered my Directv I gave the name and account number of Jessie Grooms and He NEVER GOT IT,then I called a office and they told me , that they never got the info. I think that sucks .

Because of someone who took all the info. messed up we (Jessie Grooms and Rebecca Cooper ) get screwed over. Wow I got Directv tv for two reasons (1) to help out Jessie Grooms (2) because I heard thet it was the best satellite around ( and it is ) but we got screwed. Jessie Grooms acc.# 29605243 , Rebecca Cooper acc.# 58044316.

Because of someones incompetents , we suffer. Thanks

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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Nothing has changed - I was offered the promotion as well - I switched back in July only to be charged double what I agreed to the within two months, so it's not only the loyal customers that have not received any good deals - they don't stand-by the new customers either. Unfortunately, I left my other provider after 20 years because of the same reason, they kept raising my payment while offering savings and costs to the new customers.

I have had nothing but trouble with AT&T and Direct TV - can't get anyone to listen or understand - been hung-up on three times because the people I called do not know what to say to me.

What a flippin nightmare. I am one letter away of filing complaints with the FCC and BBB.


Hi Chris Thomas, Just wanted to say it's a crying shame that you can offer a 2 year $89.99 deal to new coustomers and never give old loyal ones some kind of brake. Been with you for over 6 years and my bill is now $150.00 a month.


Dear Mr. Vice President of Customer Relations (Chris Thomas),

My name is Barbara Pennell.

I was offered a "promotion" to join Direct TV (I left my other cable company to join Direct TV). At the time of installation I was promised a $150.00 Visa gift card. I still have not got the card. I called Direct TV 30, 60, 90 days and am still getting the run around.

I am aware of the online remediation period. I went online 3 times and tried to redeem the card. I put in the information to redeem the card and the screen said I had to call Direct TV. I called and have been calling.

My last call was last week I talked to Cody. He said if Direct TV promised that card then he would be sure I got it. He pulled up my information on the account and it was right there on the order $150.00 Visa gift card. I told him and several customer service reps I went online to redeem that card before the promotion expired and it said TO CALL DIRECT TV.

I was told by Cody last week he was going to escalate my call because I should have had the card. Now, I understand that this promotion is through a third party BUT that is not my problem. I signed up with DIRECT TV and DIRECT TV should be getting my $150.00 Visa card to me. I referred a friend.

She signed up around the same time as I did. She received her card with not hassle. I am at the point where I am going to filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. If I don’t get anywhere there I will keep going to the top.

YOU put yourself in my shoe. I am sure you would be just as upset as I am. I should not have to keep calling.

I do expect a response and would like to know how you are going to make this right with a good paying customer. My account # is 2445204 my email is phone number (810) 364-6062

Barbara Pennell


12 years I had DirectTV service and finally had to cancel. junk receiver boxes, horrible customer support, no tech support (operator reads what's on computer screen), All while the price keeps increasing.

100 bucks a month was the final straw. It may take years but they will fold like so many other companies that don't listen to customers!


i keep getting letters saying come back to direct TV i have had direct TV about 7 yrs my bill every month is $ 164.25 so please stop sending me the letters thank you Peggy hall 46 halls way white oak NC.


I keep getting mail saying come back to direct TV. from Chris Thomas.i am and have been Direct TV customer For several years.Thank you From Mrs Peggy Hall white oak NC.


Screw this *** Chris Thomas I'll get a lot more than $200 from these Directtv *** when I sue them for violating both my Federal Don't call and snail mail list Frank from Ohio