Herndon, Virginia

You cancelled 10+ channels (TRU dropped off our TV a month ago). How much does you CEO make per year?

Is that why you refused to pay the pittance asked by Viacom? How about pissed off Direct TV customers filing a class action suit? That will cost them a lot more than what Viacom asked...any lawyers out there who are interested in getting this started? Direct TV is going to find it hard to collect the $400+ dollars from us.

We're going to ask for a discount. If we get no satisfaction from them we'll go back to cable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Direct TV is the worst. I switched from COMCAST because I work for Verizon and would get a discount.

Direct TV does not have nearly as many channels as Comcast and the service is awful. We need a class action suit against them.


So u want to file a lawsuit because they do not have the same channels as comcast. Guess i should sue kmart for not having vera bradley dresses



They have been a nightmare for me and consistently overbill and then threaten to disconnect if I don't pay.

I will be a part of any class action that is formed.


I would be HAPPY to join you in a class action lawsuit against DTV! For the 3rd time they have unilatterally decided to help themselves by changing the package I have/had and increasethe charges to more than double.

I didn't realize that I had to read & respond to junk mail... my bad LOL! Is there a law that says I have to? Now they are threatening to shut my TV off as well.

They keep texting, calling (at 8 in the morning & on weekends)with partial automated messages.

I had to shut down my bank account & they want to know why!!! Seriously?

@cydney is ***ed too

Programming is subject to change at any time...on your contract. This is the same for all providers...troll around you will see this same complaint for dish, comcast, verizon....oh and pay your bill before it goes 2 months overdue and your services wont get turned off.....




My sister had Direct TV for some time, had to drop the plan about 4 months ago, and just today got mail from her credit union about her being over drawn. come to find out that direct tv decided to go into her account and just take over $400.

i think she in in for a class action suit. or something to fight this bully of a company.


so is anything happening with this?


After being a DirecTV customer for over 8 years, I decided to switch to a competitor when DirecTV and Viacom were negotiating a new contract.

During the negotiations, I lost over 50 channels (as we all did). DirecTV communicated the uncertainty of reaching an agreement with Viacom, and also cited that my (already high) rate will likely go up once an agreement was reached and my channels (possibly) restored.

So I chose to switch providers. And DirecTV billed me a HUGE early termination fee - about $400 - based on some technicality. Even after I was a loyal customer for such a long time.

This sort of practice is totally unethical and should be stopped. It's probably too late for me, but it shouldn't happen to anyone else ...


You know it's unfortunate but no one has any grounds for a class action law suit because all programming providers put in their contracts/service agreements that "Prices and programming are subject to change at any time." Sorry.

@Annoyed Retention Agent

There are many class action suits going on against dtv just Google them and your state.. :(

@Annoyed Retention Agent

Annoyed Retention Agent...

How about the practice of your sales people lying to consumers to get them to sign up and then a bunch of new charges appearing on the bill? DTV records the calls so there is absolute proof of this.

I cancelled with the technician IN MY HOUSE when I was told i would have to pay an extra 3 dollars a month, after TWO people (the salesperson and the "verification" person both told me I would not have to pay this fee. I asked OUT RIGHT.

So, yes... there are plenty of grounds for a class action lawsuit with DTV, and while "prices and programming are subject to change" they do need to have comparable prices/programming to what was available at the time or they can't charge the cancellation fee.


Im not very political when it comes to matters such as this, but for being treated unfairly without cause is enough for me to get something started.. I'm in!! :(


not even going to complain cause so many of you know what souless people they are, filled a complaint witht the better business but im guessing that was a waist of time


if anyone wants to file a class action, give me a call.


@michael gold, attorney

I talk to lawyer all day long; I'm in Washington state where AG filed suit against DIREC TV and WON!! Email @ vancouverguy.wash.2010@gmail.com Thanks!

@michael gold, attorney

Is it too late to file with you? I'm just sick of my TV going out every time it rains.

It only needs to sprinkle in my area for the programming to go out. I've called and complained to no avail.

Today on young lady finally said she'd give me $3 a month as a credit to my account for a year because she had no idea when the service would be interrupted. This was done to pacify me because I said I was looking for class action law suits to join.


if anyone wants to file a class action, give me a call.


@michael gold, attorney

I have a feeling you might have a really good chance at a class action lawsuit. Lots of angry customers. I'll call you.


Viacomwants 1 billion dollars toair these channels. And unfairly dropped all their online shows.

I dont even have dtv and think that they should stand up. Nocompany should have them...i lost the ability to watch their web site episodes because they want to punish everyone