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I, like all of you, despise Direct Tv.I have had them for 4 years which has cost me nothing but time, money, and many tears of frustration.

They need to pay for all the injustices they have caused (from what I could tell by searching the net) thousands of people. After doing some research I did find an open class action law suit against Direct TV based in CA for unlawful early termination fees and the invalidity of thier so-called contracts. The lawyers encourage anyone in the US with these problems to contact them. The case is Amy Imburgia v Direct Tv, Inc.

and the law firm is Sprenger and Lang. You can go to Hope this can help someone.

This is just not fair!

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Direct TV is overcharging my account for services that were to be provided for "free" They will not provide a statement because our account is zero.Direct TV will not provide a bill because I am on auto pay.

I called for duplicates to be mailed because of excess charges on my credit card. Staff at Direct TV threated that we have your credit card and will charge $480 in full even though the contract states $20/month. Direct TV keeps telling me I am on contract for 6 more months than my written contract states. They will not change and said will auto charge my credit card or cancel and charge $480.

Deceptive, misadvertising, illegal access of credit card use.

I have to cancel my credit cards, then they say you don't pay you will pay for our attorney.Threatening.


I have rental property and my renters had Direct TV install a TV system, I did not have a problem with that, at first.When they moved out I saw the sloppy install, holes in the walls not sealed Etc.

When I tried to talk to Direct TV about this they refused to discuss it with me. I have filed complaints with the NYS Attorney General's Office and the BBB.

I suggest others do the same.Landlords should insist on a law that requires Direct TV and others to verify property ownership and have the owners permission before doing damage to property.


Yeah, I want in on this too!


I just wrote the law firm that GMK listed.I was promised after my Sunday Ticket promotion that I could switch to the $29.95 package and would still get free HD as long as I was with them.

Turned out he lied to me and that same package actually cost over $60 if you didn't start out in it, and because I didn't initially sign up for automatic billing, the $10 for HD programming was not free.

Now they're trying to tag me with a $280 cancellation fee after I've already overpayed them on a contract that I entered into having been given a great deal of misinformation.Seems to me that's not a contract, it's a ***.


Direct TV installed my dish up on the edge of my roof 7yrs's up on a roof 8' off the ground and can be reached by ladder on the front of the dish.

They have been taking care of that dish for 7 yrs but now say they have changed the rules and will no longer maintain the dish. They now refuse to maintain my dish because they now have declaired my dish unserviceable and are going to releace me from my contract.I have direct TV's protection plan but they said they will release me too.

They say I am responsible for moving my dish to a different location but the dish is in the only location where I have line of site to the stalites.What can I do?


They did it to me also. Let do this class action suit


Dont go anywhere near Direct TV. After several years I cancelled in late November two days after receiving a bill for $60.00. I asked for a final bill which they sent me for $105.17 on December 21 which I got around Christmastime. They were as nice as pie until they discovered I was firm in my cancellation. A so-called friend since gone to jail for something else cleared out my checking account and created an emergency. I e-mailed Direct TV about this informed them my next payday was January 26 andI would make 2 equal payments to get back on a firm financial footing. Somebody called Dave e-mailed me that if they did not have the whole amount by January 16, they would send it to collections and charge me an extra $15.00.

I informed them I would either phone in or on-line the whole amount on payday andI would be very glad to get rid of them.

Somebody called Megan G has informed me she has no way of stopping collection calls in the interim period or money being taken out my account (thereby creating bank charges as due to the theft there is nothing in it). If that is the case, maybe they are too big and should be broken up.

I have complaints for harrassment with both the Better Business Bureau in Colton California and the Tennessee Attorney General.

It is Sunday, 2pm and I have just been called by a Direct TV Machine. I called back to discover they dont work Sundays.Is this not harrassment?

Jennifer Walker


Jan.13,2011, our tv quite working.So I called direct tv and they said the dish is out of wack, or the tv cable their is something wrong with that.

They said that they can not send anyone to fix this thing until Jan 26,2011. That is totally wrong. I have been with these idiots for "17" years now and I expect a lot faster service than two *** weeks.

I am totally fed up to here with these _______.Greg and Gail Ohland


Talk about deceptive policies.They require a customer to sign an agreement which has a small box at the top checked by an installer.

However if you read the long disclosure statement, (which is similar in appearance to a credit card agreement) you will find that, (although you might have been a long time customer) you are now a new customer with a new account.This places you in the category of a customer required to fulfill a 2 year agreement instead of the one year term.

A slight of hand at best!


what can I do?I am told its 20s a month for the next year and 1/2 to cancel direct tv.

I am upset because they keep raising my bill. The only way to reduce my bill is to cancel/reduce my level of service and channels i currently have. This has pissed off my roomate and me. I am upset because we been lied to from our sales guy at frys.

They told us we can call in 12 months later and they will reduce or bill to keep it at the same price it currently is at. So they force us to be a customer for 2 years years and loose us for ever or do they give us a discount and keep us forever.... not a very smart company to have stock or anything to do with this company in 2 years.

Everyone is catching on!!!!!Good by Direct TV!!!

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