Sumter, South Carolina
Not resolved

I just got off the phone with the nicest customer service rep at direct tv to see why I lost the clue channel. They moved it to another package that has 14 channels.

All the other channels are Encore movie channels that I hate. I am not paying 6 bucks more for one channel after being a customer for over 15 years. It is the principal of the matter. Cloo has reruns, of great shows, but they are reruns, not movies.

Guess I will catch them on USA and TNT or switch to another service that lets me pick what channels I want to have. Sure hope DirectTV has a change of heart or that other dish network may be bringing me new equipment soon.

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u can just pay for that channel u dont have to pay the premium package u can just ask for that channel i do it all the time dont let them kid u i just pay for speed and outdoor channel like 1.99 a piece lol


I agree. I am furious that a company can just snatch away a channel whenever they like.

It is unjust.

I will be calling to complain very soon. :( :( :(