Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Apparently, customers of DirecTV who lost their homes, are being CHARGED for DirecTV Equipment lost in the horrific fire in Black Forest this past week in Colorado Springs, CO. How the *** can they do that to people who have lost EVERYTHING???

They have lost their homes, their physical memories, their papers documenting their lives and some even their pets. And now, they are getting billed for some *** equipment (that DirecTV over charges for). Have you no ethics or morals?

Shame on you, your company is disgusting! I hope people think twice before ordering DirecTV when thinking about TV providers.

Helen Lima

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While on this web site, I saw your comment.

Right ON!

I despise DirectTV. DirectTV is a despicable company. (Most cable companies are.) They started inserting little fees in my bill. I had to call regularly and complain.

They have little "intro" rates which sound great in the beginning, then practically double the rates. And when I moved, no longer under contract, they tried to charge me disconnect fees.

Infuriating! I told them I would NEVER pay the disconnect fee and they could go pound sand.


Insurance paus for it. I lost all my stuff in a house fire once.

The car dealers wont give them all new cars for free if they lost vehicles in the fires. The insurance pays off the loan. Then they buy a new car...oh and directv has special policies in these situations...did you call and ask yourself...or did u just read a newspaper article based on 1 person.

In mamy disasters directv wipes the bill amd customers do not even have to worry about what they owed before the fire. Do not believe all u read


well, I don't.

See I think you are ladyscot, but posting as homeowners.


You are paranoid that every person os this lady scot...maybe you are just a troll with nothing better to do but stalk lady scot


I'm not surprised at all.. DirectTV is the biggest ripoff company that ever was. They have no morals or sympathy for anyone You people that wrote in favor of DTV,I can't wait until they rip you off and then you will see how it feels.


This company has the crappiest customer service and fraudulant seevice charges. Now with their lack of empathy for prople in fire losses, they deserve to be trumped by a better business.

All the money they charge for service is ridiculous. We should all boycott!


That's what homeowners/renters insurance is for! :cry


Why should they have to eat the losses? Did directv start the fire????????????????????????Dont start your sad stories and dont make excuses why you dont owe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh :sigh