Mount Laurel, New Jersey

The commercial with the waitress wringing out a dish cloth into customers glass is very offensive. Surely you could come up with better advertisments.

We are customers of Direct TV and are VERY satisfied but had to write and tell you my opionion of that ad. Bring it to the higherups. Thank you for your time. I have nothing else to say but your require 100 words.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Commercial.

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Your next commercial should be a white kid punching a black servant in the stomach. That would really be good for laughs in the African-American community.

Let's make the black servant look like Obama. Hahahahahaha.


The Direct TV ad that has been airing which has a young child sucker punch a servant in the stomach is in really of questionable taste - poor taste is more like it. No more Direct TV for me. Later, bros.


I find the latest Victa ride on lawnmower commercial way out of line.

The punch line refering to the condoning of the ''cutting your neighbours' grass'' in context with the associated ''loose women '' visual cues within the ad are highly innapropriate and will only give eastern religious terror cells reinforced justification for their ongoing plight against the ''infidel'' western culture. As a retired intensified horticulturist with sales influence, I will never buy nor recommend another Victa product


Really people this is not offensive at all

and I will tell you first hand--- stuff like this goes on in restaurants all the time---

Get over yourselves and loosen up have a good IT IS FUNNY AS *** and I could be one of those EAGLE fans sitting there .


The New York Direct TV commercial is hysterical..and thats no dump hey are left in, thats The Bronx Einstein. Glad I dont live in New York..and have no sense of humor like you. Attack the reality game shows where people are assaulted and injured for our amusement...get a life folks, geeze.


I am also offended by the commercial where the visitors to NY are dropped off at a dump. The location where the cabbie sits at the beginning of the commercial is St.

Nicholas park in harlem, then the camera shows an overhead bridge in the background which is somewhere else. Thing is, its a straight drive to central park, so the commercial suggests that the cab drops them while still in Harlem - en route to the park.

There is no such location!!! It's a slam on Harlem and on NY....Glad I don't have direct TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Are you kidding me? These are some of the best Television Ads I have seen.

People are passionate about their teams and these ads capture the spirit and have fun with it. 8)


I got the humor but with more thought was unhappy with what it suggested---insult and throw snow on your neighbors cuz they are different from you? The waitress is just not funny as a health care provider who knows what could happen to those poor guys she contaminated...

There is a fine line in humor and I think DTV's ad agency crossed it; the same ideas could be easily communicated without the unseamly actions of these characters. I could write you three commercials better than this and funnier, and I am just a doctor!


That waitress is so nasty and vile I always thought she was wringing out her urine soaked panties.


Loved the ad.Funny! :grin


I too find this commercial distasteful. This and the three other similar direct TV commercials I have seen (man throwing snow on his neighbor's door, NY cab driver slamming on brakes and then stranding two people, and a cop tazing an innocent person) show the absolute worst behavior in people. It is hard for me to understand the mentality of people who find this sort of thing funny.


I find the commercial with the waitress wringing out the cloth and sticking her finger in the customer's drink was very offensive to resturants. I now think twice about going into a resturant to eat fearing I may say something that the waitress does not like. I feel that is very nasty.


I love the commerical and don't find it offensive at all.

In fact the waitress could be my mom's double.

Mom was a waitress in our local malt shop. She had the same attire and hairstyle.

She loved to pull pranks and had that same look as your waitress just before striking.

Mom would never do the bad deed that your waitress did.

If I don't find it offensive by it being so much like my mom why should you?

Loosen up!


I too found it very offensive. Nothing like that would ever want me to hook up with Direct TV.


PULEEZE that commercial was so freakin funny! how is that offensive?

I love it don't change a thing! relax people can't you take a joke!