Rochester, New York

give us back our channels. we pay enough monthly to not have our service interupted.

many are going to change their service maybe me included if we don't get them back. I love directtv but will find another provider if this isn't changed soon. My grandson loves the kids channels and now he can't watch his favorite shows. I watch nick to see my favorite old shows.

Give us back our directtv that we pay through the teeth for to have good entertainment. Give them back. Give them back. Give them back.

Give them back. Give them back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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since they took channels away the contracts should b void and we should be able to switch without paying fines. i for one am ready to quit direct tv!


I hope we get a huge discount for not having these channels!


It's greed and to take from or kids and our teens on summer vacation when its soo hot outside and this is what they do.. shame on you guys the ones with the mansions and big cars fancy stuff don't go to heaven only good deeds.. get right with god!