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I was referred to Direct TV from my daughter. When setting up service thay asked for a credit card and said that $1.00 would be held on my card for thirty days for setting up service.

Direct TV never discussed auto pay (debit bill from my bank account monthly)and I never authorized this service or was told by customer service if I did not do auto pay that the HD assess that was free with my signup would be an additional $10.00 monthly. Why?

I just spoke with my daughter and they did the same thing with her when she got her bill!!! Whats going on Direct TV?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I mean if customers weren't so *** and the read the contract and new how to read the bill my job would be easier:(


What DirectTv is really doing is getting access to your credit card which they can and probably will use at a later date if you are late with a payment or whatever reason they can think to debit your bank or credit card they will. I'd talk to my bank and have the numbers changed or set up a new account and not give to DTV. I'd pay the $10 per month in exchange of knowing they did not have my bank or credit card#.You need to read the many,many other complaints on this and other sites about DTV and how they have taken money out of peoples accounts without their permission simply because they gave DTV their credit card# or bank account# or simply paid a bill for someone else using a credit card.DTV keeps all credit card and bank account#'s ever used to make payments to them in their databasse for future use.


basically directv is giving you free hd access by signing you up with auto bill pay, saving you approx. 120 per year. Hd access is typically 10 per month otherwise.