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I was planning to move to a new apt in May 2011. The mangager said that it was difficult to get a signal there because of all the trees.

If I waited until I moved, then found out I couldn't get a signal, I would have had a service interruption while I waited for Time Warner Cable to connect me. So, I asked Directv if they could send someone out to see if a signal was possible at my new apt. They said they couldn't until I moved. So, to avoid a service interruption, knowing the odds of getting a signal were slim to none (there were no other visible dishes in the entire apt complex that I could see, despite the fact that they were technically allowed), I went ahead and made arrangements to termintate my service with Directv and have TWC connected.

I gave Directv my new address so that they could send me my final bill and the kit to return their equipment. TWC gave me a deal that they would reimburse my termination fee from Directv, but I would need to get them a copy of my final bill, showing my termination fee, w/in 45 days. Around 3 wks after my service with Directv had been terminated, I still hadn't received my final bill or my return kit. I called and spoke to a Directv rep.

I was told that the kit had been sent to my old address and that the final bill had been sent to my new address, which they had entered into their system incorrectly, with the numbers inverted. I had them correct the information and even had them read the address back to me, which I checked against a written form of my address, just to make sure I didn't get it confused. Weeks passed again and my 45 days to get TWC proof of my termination fee was almost up. I called Directv again.

I had to talk at length with multiple representatives. It turns out they still had my address wrong. They also confirmed that they'd already charged my debit card for the termination fee. I attempted to get them to give me access to a digit copy of my final bill so that I could get the information to TWC on time.

They refused to grant me access online or e-mail it. They said they would mail it again. When I finally got my kit and a hardcopy of my "bill", after 3 attempts, there were still issues with both. The kit which, according to the directions, was supposed to contain a protective sleeve for the accessories and tape for repackaging, contained neither, yet stated that if I failed to package the equipment correctly, I could be charged for any damage.

After waiting for the kit 3 times, though, I went ahead and took my chances with what I had. I was afraid that if I didn't, they were going to charge me for the equipment for not getting back to them. As for the bill, not only did it arrive outside of the 45 day time period I had to get proof of the termination fee to TWC, meaning I lost my opportunity to get the termination fee reimbursed, which I know was over $100, but because they'd already charged my debit card, the bill reflected no charges. It didn't show my final bill or termination fee, despite the fact that I spoke at length with Directv reps about my needing a copy of this.

Therefore, I was charged, but never got any record of what I was charged, which is why I still don't know exactly how much termination fee actually was. I had been quoted two different amounts on the phone and never got any record of it.

This information was not availbe via my online account because I wasn't set up for paperless billing. Though I didn't have any significant problems with Directv while I was an active customer, my experience with them at the end was so bad that I don't think I'll ever go back and I woudn't recommend them to anyone.

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You might want to check with UPS or whoever the carrier was to see if DTV has received the equipment you sent back.DTV will try to charge you for it if at all possible.You did not say how long you were a DTV customer but there is a $20 per month charge for every month left on your contract.also you can sign up for paperless billing to check your statement and go back to paper billing anytime you wish.