Not resolved

Here was what I was told last Saturday.

Per my conversation, I assumed we would have a fix/patch coming this week.

If they are lying, I'll be closing my account also.

Bret : Hi

Bret : As I understand that you experiencing issues with new update.

Me : Yes, how can I revert back to the old style. I am not against improving things, but this is not an improvement.

Bret : I apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced

Bret : Let me check on this.

Bret : I can help you with that!

Bret : I would like to confirm the contact number we have on your account. Will you please provide me with a contact number so that we may reach you via phone or text with information about your AT&T DirecTv services?

Me : ***-***-****

Bret : Thank you!

Me : If this cannot be corrected, I am looking at other service providers. I have been a loyal customer for over 20 years.

Bret : Yes, I can see that.

Bret : No worries.

Bret : Our engineers are going to release the patch update from next week.

Bret : Which will bring back all the old format features and interface.

Me : Thank you Bret.

Bret : Yes, we are getting lots of customers with the same feedback.

Bret : This concern is very important to us to make sure that our customers have better experience with our service.

Bret : Please be assured that the guide and menu will be updated at the earliest.

Me : Thank you Bret. That was all I was needing. Thanks for your assistance. Have a great evening.

Bret : You are welcome:)

Bret : Just for your information You can get self help article from and Use Directv app for online account information ,streaming and Billing concerns.

Bret : Just to recap, you have chatted regarding new guide and I hope the issue has been addressed . Is there any other billing or technical issues that I can help you with?

Me : That will be all. Thank you.

Bret : Thank you so much for your patience and time!

Bret : Have a good night and weekend!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Guide.

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