Iowa City, Iowa

Dear DirecTV,

It has come to my attention that one of your employees has been stealing credit card information from your customers and using it for their own purchases. Recently, my girlfriend was a victim of this. It is very disappointing that something of this magnitude took place in the few months that we have been with your company. We signed up for your services in October 2012, and the only reason we decided to go with you is because my parents have been with your company since the Primestar days.

Let me give you a little more background information on the incident. We just recently moved and requested to have someone come out to set up the satellite at our new home. During the phone conversation that my girlfriend had with one of your employees to set this up, the employee asked for her credit card information to pay for the ridiculous $240 worth of fees that you charge for reinstating service at a new residence. Not wanting to give her debit card information over the phone for security purposes, my girlfriend decided to give out her credit card information. This credit card is only used in emergency situations, has never been given to anyone else over the phone, and has not been used in some time. Ironically, since the day that the information was given to your employee, there has been over $1000 in charges to my girlfriend’s credit card from places in California. We live in Iowa.

Once this was discovered, she called Directv to get things resolved. After listening to the automated system and getting bounced around over 6 times to numerous departments unwilling to help, she requested to speak with a supervisor but was told that they were too busy to talk with her. After finally reaching an associate who seemed able to assist her, she was told nothing could be done but the employee would report the incident into their system. She was also told by this same individual that “nothing is too bad to harm yourself physically“, as if she was going to do something crazy. I don’t know about you or how you run things at Directv, but this is not my idea of how business should be conducted.

I understand that there is nothing we can do because it wasn’t Directv as a company that used her information to purchase those items, but it does speak to the character of the individuals that your company hires and how you handle things after the fact. Not only is it pathetic that someone has to steal my girlfriend’s hard earned money, but it’s even more pathetic that they are among the people that you employ. So now who do we trust? How can she make a payment again without worrying she is going to have to spend numerous hours dealing with this issue again? Are we going to trust you when our contract is over and we are no longer obligated to your contract? *** no. We will be Dish Network customers.

Sincerely pissed off,

Derik Garrels & Ashley Treadway

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I just recently had the exact same situation happen. I signed up over the phone using my credit card that has never had any other charges on it, never been used else where, and the next day, 3 transactions for,, and Clear phone/internet were attempted to be charged.

I have a great credit card company and they declined the purchases since it seemed fraudulent. I know the persons name that did this and would love to see them caught and put in jail.


If you haven't already,call your credit card and they will traighten it all out and find out who placed the charges on your account.