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Why would a customer hold on to a receiver that was no longer working and continue to pay for it for several months? It's because I dreaded calling Direct TV customer service. One of my receivers went out. I took one from another room and plugged it in where we had it, and that one worked fine, so I knew it wasn't power, or cabling, or something else...it was the receiver...it was old...it was dead.

So I call Direct TV. On hold for 30 minutes. Explain the situation, but they tell me I have to plug the old receiver back in so they can run diagnostics. Like many people, getting behind the TV to pull out one receiver and put the defective one back in is really difficult. I ask to speak with a supervisor. On hold for 25 minutes. Then they disconnect me.

So I call back. Same thing. Takes 10 minutes just to get thru their menu...then on hold for another 25 minutes...then they disconnect me again. Great tactics Direct TV. Stuck with a receiver that doesn't work and customer service that disconnects you after making you hold for a long time...TWICE!!!!!!

How I wish there was an alternative..someone should start a REAL satellite TV company and compete with them...everyone would leave direct tv...all of their customers know how much they suck..

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Switch to Dish Network. I did quite a while ago, no further problems.