Okay heres the deal people im going to solve all your directv issues in 1 simple rant yes there is a 2 year agreement when you sign up for directv and whenever you add a new receiver the price you get when you sign up for directv is only temporary usually all expire within 12-24 mnths the nfl sunday ticket is only free for the 1st year then you have to pay for it if you accept free premium channels hbo showtime etc they are only free for 3 mnths it does cost up to 199.00 to move service from one house to another it all depends on a credit limit yes you are graded by your actual credit limit from 1-5 and its determined by payment history credits provided and moves youve made as well as your actual credit score if you have a contract with directv there will be a fee to cancel 20 for each month not completed and if not paid directv will charge debit cards credit cards and bank accounts disputing charges with reps over the phone doesnt matter you signed the contract and it doesnt pay to lie to the people on the phone most want to help as much as possible the only way to not pay a cancel fee is no line of site military orders or nursing home all other pay unless you complete the contract also please read your bill ive read almost all these reviews and it seems that people are to lazy to read bills i personally like to know what i pay for

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Didn't have to pay a lot for whole home dvr (Genie), I have been a customer with DirecTv for 6 years. 2012 I decided to get the whole - home dvr, was not charged for installation or equipment.

The Genie and mini Genies are rentals, they charge $7 each I have 4 minis and the main dvr and they waive the first dvr. Right now with my programming I pay $99/month and happy.


A couple more things yes most do use nextflix or other streaming sites to watch their favorite shows however i am using that same way and regret not having services right now im always late on what me and my friends enjoy watching and am always the last to see what happened spoil alerts suck directv provides online services as well and keep in mind cancelling service disqualifies you from most of the things the rep on the phone was offering you at the time you called in to cancel for 2 years if not more so if you plan on using directv within 2 years they will use the same account and it will be at a hire rate and you may have to pay for equipment yes equipment isnt free either the genie is priced at 299.00 leased hddvr 199.00 hd or a dvr 99.00 so if you plan on using directv accept all offers from the retention department they provide you with everything they can to keep you as a customer its not a sales pitch its their job to provide everything they can to keep you with that company


Also a landlord or hoa cant tell you you cannot have a satelite they can only suggest its not mounted on the building and where it is placed also they cannot penalize you with a fee they can only request you get renters or home owners insurance please look it up its federally mandated under the fcc guidelines