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It's worse if that's possible after ATT bought them out. I'd rather have a root canal than have to call them.

Being an American I think we should be able to speak to someone without having a language barrier.

I had to call on two issues. The amount shown online when you go to pay your bill never matches up with what you supposedly owe. But oh wait you are charged for the difference on next months bill. Try explaining that to someone that could care less.

Second issue is the new format.

Print is too small but do they care? Apparently not.

Ready to ditch it after being a customer since 2001.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My directv installer never showed. I had 2 call customer service 5x just 2 close my account.

One rep tried to upsell me on phone service. Another rep tried redirecting the blame on me by saying appointment is 2 weeks later.

I only got answers w/a BBB threat. AT&T is a *** joke ‼


A joke is supposed to be amusing. Your post is not amusing.

Follow your own advice and dump them. The only way to fight is with your wallet.

to Anonymous #1613853

“Joke” is a sarcastic expression, so I’m assuming ur not from the states b/c most foreigners do not get sarcasm.

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