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I would like to know why I never received a phone call back from a manager. I had a horrible experience on July 18th with one of the supervisors in the call center.

I believe that I gave plenty of time for a manager or director to call me back. The representative that I spoke to was very rude. I know that you have been acquired by AT&T which is one of my least favorite companies as far as customer service goes. I have been a Directv Customer for over 12 years which means I have spent over 12,000 dollars over the past year with Directv.

I have always been very satisfied with my service. I have NEVER asked for anything for free. I had guests over at my house on July 18th and wanted to watch a movie. My movie was not loading.

I called to find out what the issue was. I got a representative who said that I would need to reset my box. I told him in that case I did not want the movie because we were going to miss the first 15-20 minutes of the movie. My guests were only there for one night and would not be back the next night to watch the movie.

I asked that he just credit back the 5.99. He totally argued with me for a long, long time over $5.99 and said that this would be my only one time courtesy for the life of my account. Really? After spending over 12,000 dollars with this company over 12 years.

I can honestly say that I deserve better service than that. On TOP of that, we were not even going to watch the movie because it was too late. I was not even asking for ANYTHING for free. The supervisors name was David.

His employee ID# was TPCL969843. I had asked him for the previous girls name and ID number that I had spoken to, because she was not even going to give me a credit at all. I had to ask for a supervisor, which is totally unheard of for 5.99 for a movie that we were not even going to watch because the Directv system was not working properly! Needless to say.

This was a horrible experience and I am looking for a new company to provide our TV service. I asked for a manager or a Director at the time I was on the call. DAVID said that he would have to have someone call me back.

I said ok, but if I do not hear back from someone, I will blog and cause chaos all over the place regarding the service that I received. He obviously did not believe me..........

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Good for you. Companies don't care about their customers or employees any more. It is a sad state which we find all to often.


You must be dumb, just because you were unable to view at the time the movie was a 48hr to 72hr rental so regardless u would be able to watch the next showing and the next and he next and the next for 48hr or 72hr, so now dtv is not going to credit you something that you are probably going to watch later or the next day, it would be different if I was a ONE time viewing, understandable, but you have the *** thing for 48hrs to 72hrs, complain complain complain, they definitely lied to you when they said they would have a supervisor call back. Over $5.99.. Get it together...


Your the ***! He said he had guest for one night.

Do you think the guest were going to get up at 4 in the morning to watch a movie before thry hit the road???? Dummy


And you opinion means not a whole lot. My movies work fine, if you do what someone asks sometimes they will credit you back, many movies are on more than one channel, and do not even say it was on demand because they can be started over.

Popular moves start on ,any channels every half an hour on many channels, or every hour. You have access to all the channels the movie plays on. Just because your gestss go home does not mean you are not going to watch it. It cannot be cancelled and when it starts working you get a free rental if you are given the money back nd decide to fix it on your own.

You probably spent more time arching with the rep. Than it would have taken to fix it.