Ashburn, Virginia

I can get audio but not video on my TV connected to Direct TV receiver model R16. The TV is showing nothing but lines like horizontal hold problem.

I started looking for a TV replacement but decided to call first Direct TV for it may be an issue with the receiver. I was right. I was told that they are aware of this issue which is a software problem affecting model R16 and that their engineers are trying to find solution. Afteranother day, the problem still persist and I called again.

This time I asked for the Supervisor who agreed to sen me a replacement unit with the hope that the issue will disappear. I received the new receiver after 3 days, hook it up but nothing changed, the problem still persist. I get hold of the Customer Service for the third time and was told that they do not have an estimate when the issue will be resolved. She was relieved when I ask for her Supervisor who gave me the same drill.

I asked to talk to the next higher level supervisor (that time I've spent around 50 min on the phone and my head is getting close to explode). Again I was told that there is nothing definite; it may take a week, two weeks or more, months or even a year. I told him that all I want is to enjoy Direct TV and can't wait for possibly a year !!! Once again, like the first two, I was offered an upgrade for $49.00 for another receiver that will not have the software issue.

I told him that I am paying extra $6.00 per month for the Protection Plan which he says does not cover a known issue like this one. During this discussions, I asked why Direct TV has not communicated the issue with their customer. The answer was, how can we do that if your TV is not working. I told them that there are other ways to do it and the supervisor says now you are aware of it.

This time I just don't want to deal with Direct TV anymore. I asked if I can get away from the still 11 remaining months contract since they don't have a definite solution soon. The supervisor just wanted to get rid of me and transfered me to another department. This time I am over one hour dealing and suffering talking to Direct TV.

I was told that I have to pay $20 for each month or pay them $220 to get out of the contract from non-performing receiver!!!*#@. CAN YOU BELIEVE DIRECT TV? I argue one more time to a point the lady could not give me logical answer anymore and transfered me to another department. I waited for the connection to answer but no answer.

I was on the phone for almost hour and a half. NOTHING HAPPENED.


Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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