debit my account with out my permission. caused me to be overdraft at my bank.

They credit my account for the equipment. then turn around. and charged my account for the return equipment. and refused to return my money to my account.

said that I had to wait 5 to 7 business days. But you took it out with a few click of the computer. I should have gotton my money credited back the same day.

I feel if you all need to give me money for my harrssment and stress to my health. And I am thinking A lawyer.

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It's worth a try!never let them get the upper hand and take advantage of you this is how DTV has gotten so big they figure most people will just just give up and and most do and pay up.If you feel you have a case.. Go For It!!


"harrssment and stress to my health."

LOL - you won't get a dime, so get over it.

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