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I ordered Direct TV in September of 2007 based upon advertisement and the words of the phone rep that I could get local channels. The installer arrived did his job and then informed me that local channels were not available

I called Direct TV and they said the schedule was for local channels to be offered in October 2007. Since I had a contract, I settled to wait for the locals. Finally May 2008 arrived and local channels are available. Since I was paying for cable and Direct TV, chose to get the locals on Direct TV and drop the cable saving about $100 per month.

Was told they would change the dish and receiver to an HD receiver for free since that was the only way to get locals in my area. Installer put in the dish and the receiver however the receiver was not a DVR which i had previously. I called Direct TV and they told me that they could not "swap" out a HD receiver for free but I could purchase one for $220+.

The only response I have gotten is that they are sorry for my frustration but that is their policy. When i asked why the DVR i had was taken, they could not give an answer.

I was notinformed of these "policies", in fact the DVR receiver was not brought up when I was setting the installation. It seems to me that Direct TV is engaging in some very questionable tactics in order to build it's customer base. promises are made that are disregarded, representatives taking their phone calls do not disclose all information and when calling to complain their best response is sorry but is there anything else I can help you with today.

Do not trust this company to fully disclose everything as they appear to do anything to snag the consumer and then reveal their secrets after you are stuck.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $220.

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To follow up on this, on Direct TV website there is a customer service page with contact information. However, buried on the investor relations page, there is an e-mail link which is entitled "if you are not 100% satisfied , I want to hear from you"

Guess what, I wrote and received a phone call the next day from "the office of the president" and the entire matter was resolved immediately, was told I would receive what I was asking for and , yes, an apology and an admission that this scenario was not covered in their policies.

Today, I received the correct equipment!


Your website is "Pissed Consumer", and I can't even write the word D A M N???

Wuzzup wit dat?


*** straight!

Way to go, brother!

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