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They volunteer no info. If you don't ask all the right questions they will not help you.

When is the last time you wanted to upgrade, but was told no. They then took a program away because I applied for the update. They never get the bill right. I guess it is off to DISH We have spent 1 hour and a half one day and one hour the next day on our cell phone.

Ask for a superviser and they never come but make you wait.

I wish there was an agency that they were accountable to. Good bye Direct

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We lost our local HD channels without any warning! They were there that morning and gone that night.

I spoke to three different reps that night and they all said somethind a little different. I was told by all three I could no longer receive them in my area. So, I go through all my scheduled to record network shows and change the recording channel to the non HD (they were the only local showing up). Two funny things about that is 1) we were told we couldn't receive it in our area everytime we called with code 721 in the past......but we actually did get these stations in high def.

2) a family member lives about one mile from me didn't get theirs changed and guess what they are DVRing in HD!

Thought they wernt available!!!! JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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