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I've been trying to help my 94 year old friend realize what she has signed up for. She got a cold call from direct TV telling her how much she could save by "bundling" and she signed up. The first bill was more than double than she thought it would be. I have spent hours on the phone trying to lower her bill. She does not own a computer so paying for internet is a waste of money. Last month they told me they could

"suspend" the internet charges for a year. This was after being on the phone for over an hour and being transferred 6 times to different people. Well she got her bill and is being charged for internet. On the phone again and one woman said " I will work with you on this but I need to start up my computer and I'll call you back in 5 minutes".30 minutes I was back on the phone again. I was told the best they could do is decrease the speed of the internet she'd be paying for, mind you she doesn't own a computer, and it would be $10-$15 per month. I asked for a confirmation number and again was transferred.

they informed me she would only be saving $10-$15 per month and be paying $30 per month for internet. The phone is a whole other

story. She was sweet talked into leaving her phone and cable provider she had for years for what she thought was going to save her money. She is on a low fixed income. The way I see it she is going to be paying more than double now. Plus I have to be sure she stays on top of canceling the "Free" channel package that if not cancelled will cost her more than $30-$50 per month. If she doesn't cancel this whole thing by next year her monthly rate will increase.

She is totally stressed out by this and I just don't know where to go to make it right. Any suggestions?

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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