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OK here's the deal - I am a DirectTV customers living in Northesta Texas, and can't get any Shreveport La. or Dallas Tx stations. BUT I can get Washington DC's CW station, which makes no sense whatsoever. I do not care about car dealers in Virginia or DC, when I'm in East Texas. I shop locally, and that includes Shreveport and Dallas.

I have asked to have my service fixed to include stations in my geographical area - Shreveport and Dallas to go along with Tyler stations.

I keeping getting told no.

DirectTV says: "DIRECTV assigns local channels by ZIP code based on Designated Market Area (DMA), which are determined by Nielsen Media Research. According to Nielsen, your ZIP code has been assigned to Tyler-Longview, TX local channel market. DIRECTV abides by all applicable legal restrictions and federal law requires us

to use the established local market boundaries; these cannot be changed by DIRECTV. At this time, we do not offer local channels from Shreveport, LA and/or Dallas, TX in your area as they are not considered part of your local channels."

I told them I plan to stop my DirectTV service when my contract expires if I have to stay only with Tyler's


This policy by DirectTV of not allowing us to view nearby TV markets - where we shop - is restrictive and does not allow the customer the right to choose the channels he or she is paying for each month.

I am sure Dish does the same thing, but I do not have them so I can't say for sure.

All we want is the right to view stations in our geographical region and not based on Nielsen Media Research which is now outdated and unreliable.

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im also sueing Nielsen for the error


i live in maine i get portland channels when i am closer to manchester than portland i shop in manchester nh more than portland my cable company is same so to get my local channel i need to use over the air i think directv needs to use the closest local channels i dont care about portland weather or news i work in manchester my house is 10 minutes closer to manchester than portland and my girl friend is from manchester area


We have the same problem in Northwestern Wisconsin. I hate suffering through being stuck with Minnesota's stations, when I am ruled by Wisconsin's laws.

Not only that, but the majority of the customers are Packer fans and having to watch the Vikings is akin to waterboarding! :(


Call your congressman because there are some things that can not be changed by DTV, you see there is a part of the government called the FCC that tells dtv what they can show and in what area it can be shown.