Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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In May 2014 we wanted to watch a Pay per view movie and realized our system was not connected to the internet. I plugged the device in and called Direct TV for support on installing the device.

I immediately noticed the device was extremely hot to touch. I advised the support person on the phone of the temperature of the device and was told not to worry they run hot. I hooked the device into my system and it did not work. I unhooked the device, the technician said they would send a replacement in a few days and they gave me the movie for free.

Later that evening we went to bed and noticed that the TV in our bedroom wasn't working, I then checked all the TV's in our home and found that none of them worked. I called back to Direct TV and was told they would send a technician the following Tuesday. The Tech knew nothing of AV systems and was told to call an AV service company, which I did. I was told my amplifier was blown up!

I called back to Direct TV and they told me to file a damage claim. I did an inspector arrived several weeks later and confirmed the damage and informed me I would receive a check in the next 7 to 10 days and he would probably bring it personally. A few day later I receive a letter denying my claim! I call Direct TV they re-open the claim and send the same inspector out again to review the damage and take pictures.

I'm told once again the damage was caused by the device and I should be receiving a check soon. Once again my claim was denied and now closed. I have called numerous times with no resolve.

You cannot get to upper management unless you write a letter which I have with not results. I am in the process of filling a lawsuit against Direct TV and am notifying the Attorney General and BBB!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Should of got the higher end protection plan that would of covered power surge time to file a home owners insurance claim dtv claim DENIED