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While shopping at Sam's Club, my wife and I were approached by

Direct TV representatives in the store.

Pricing seemed better than our current Cable charges with many

more channel options including 10,000 On Demand channels (Many were Pay per View)

Purchased a 2 year package for $57.99/month (including discounts) and increasing to $88.00/month after the first year for 4 rooms.

Nothing was mentioned about having to connect to my Internet

service to watch the on demand programming. The technician

installed the equipment on April 8, 2013. He told me that he had to run a line to our wireless router, but he never checked

for the speed of our internet service.

I can not watch the On Demand movies as I want because of

slow Internet so I need to record them before watching.

My internet is so slow that after 15 minutes of recording, only 1% of the movie was downloaded. I called Verizon to upgrade my Internet service but was told that they do not have faster service available in my area and that I was grandfathered in. New customers in my area cannot get Internet through Verizon.

I am told that Direct TV is sorry but I will have to pay $20.00 per month for the contract term when I cancel.

With all of the complaints on these WEBSITES, why doesn't the

FCC and the Attorney Generals Office get involved to stop these lousy practices?

Review about: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $460.

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That is a million dollar question that every Past DirectTV customer would like answered and they total nearly a million. it's true the BBB does get a massive amount of complaints about DTV but they do not even answer one complaint against DTV.

If you file against another company they answer right away but no so for DTV. The Attorney Generals of some states do get together periodically and file class action suits against DTV,DTV is found guilty swearing to change their crooked ways and pays a hefty fine which is a drop in the bucket for them and then continues their dirty business practices before the ink dries on the court order.

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