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I decided to switch from Dish Network because a phone salesman at Direct TV promised me HD/DVR service for a good price and free hookup. The installer hooked up HD to one set and DVR to another set.

I told the installer that I wanted HD and DVR on the one unit and regular on the other. He said," Oh, it's probably miscommunication." He didn't have the correct receiver with him and told me to just call and he was sure that "they would make it right." I called 4 different times. I was told that HD and DVR, in the same unit, was very expensive and not available. Plus I discovered that I had no local channels available plus I had to pay additional money for a lease,that they never mentioned, for the receivers they installed which nearly doubled the bill that they told me I'd have, and I did not get all the HD channels that they claimed in their advertising.

They claimed over 70 HD channels but that's only if you get the most expensive plan with all the pay channels. Plus they even took away 5 HD channels that they originally included. I ordered like the best plan without all the pay channels plus the HD package and I wound up with only about 30 HD channels.I had to call and pay additional money for the 5 channels they took away after I complained that I really enjoyed them and they had included them in the original agreement. We were told that our bill would be about 57.

dols and they sent a bill for over 100. dols. After calling and talking to five different people and being hung up on by the first three I finally got one guy to tell me that they would not make any changes. They were all very apologetic but all refused to make any adjustments.

In other words, what I had was what I was stuck with. I actually watched the Super Bowl this year through snow and bad sound trying to get a station that was the closest Fox station about 75 miles away with an old outdoor antennae. It was the final straw. When I told the guy that I would cancel and get Dish Network back he apologized again but said that there would be a 300 dol early termination fee but that I could dispute it with all the issues that I had.

Anyway, they promptly deducted 441. dols from my bank account through my debit card without my permission. I called my bank and they say that they have had the problem before and that they would try to help through Visa but Visa said that there is an agreement in the installation contract that allows them to do it. There's nothing anyone can do.

I never cussed them and really never raised my voice to them but I did say that I thought that they were gangsters and that they have stolen from me.

I live from week to week. I am partially disabled and have not been working for about 7 months. I don't watch that much tv to begin with. We have foster children living in our home and I got the service for them as much as for my wife and I and now this unauthorized withdrawal from our account has put us in a very difficult place financially.

Just to let you know, Dish Network came back in and gave us everything including the things Direct tv would not for much less money with entirely no cost to hook up. I canceled my debit card at the bank and we'll survive this but everyone needs to beware of Direct TV! These people do not care. They'll say anything to get you to sign up and then once they have you, and your debit card info, they'll ***.

They'll apologize to you but hang up the phone and take money from your bank account without you even knowing about it until it's too late.

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Sayre, Oklahoma, United States #7715

I am now in the process of discontinuing service and have the same issues. After being a customer for more than 5 years, I called and asked if they would upgrade one of my receivers to a DVR.

They gladly agreed and never said anything about a new contract. I am switching due to the lack of local channels. I was told that I was under contract and that I would be charged early termination fees. I asked to hear the tape where I was told I would be under a new contract with the DVR.

They told me they could not furnish that. I asked them to show me on my account online where it indicates that I am under contract until xxxx date. It doesn't exist. In addition, they added the Protection Plan without my notice.

I have talked to 2 supervisors.

They are totally ***. Buyer beware!

Mankato, Minnesota, United States #3870

Not surprised....The most horrible company I have ever deal with and share your feelings...I wanted to upgrade to the new HD programming and was told I needed to buy a new HD receiver..I had an older one, an HD also but was limited to a small amount of HD channels..I asked them if that was all I needed to upgrade and they said I needed a new dish....the dish is free of course but the receiver cost $ I bought it, set up an appt for dish install and waited...the installers came, told me that the new dish was twice the size of the old one and that I needed a full 360' line of they wouldn't install it.....I canceled the service and immediately was locked out of my on line account....I was responsible for additional fees of course, for early termination, balance of current bill...but instead of sending me an e-mail advising that I had a bill due, they just took it, auto withdraw from my account without telling me they were doing it...I know it says they have the right to be paid for any obligations, but at least advise me your taking money from me....I had check bounce against my account because I didn't know about it...Today I go into my bank acct and notice another huge withdraw for DTV....this is now a month since i left them...i called and they said i never returned the receiver which is leased...and that I should have received a return kit in the mail...never they went into my bank acct and took the money again without notice putting me in a position where checks may bounce again.....If your thinking about direct TV....STOP and think twice....they are scumbags... by the way, info given to me by the installers was not accurate and all this occurred because they were too lazy to do the install...its cost me about $900 to be free and clear from them...NEVER AGAIN.........................

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