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My situation indicates gross incompetence (I hope) and NOT corporate policy. Let me warn you, this story is lengthy and I am making it as concise as I possibly can and still get my point across - so I apologize for taking up your valuable time:

At the end of September, I moved and changed my TV service/Internet from Dish network to ATT U-Verse; however, they could not provide me with the TV cable and, as I am sure you are aware, have an agreement with your company to bundle their package with your TV service in these cases.

This began with my ordering through Direct TV a four room installation. My home is upper $400,000 and already has much cable installed; however, when the serviceman (who is contracted out by Direct TV in this area) came to my home on a Friday,he said it was too big a job, but he was free the following day and would come back to do the install - I just needed to call the schedulers and tell them. After he left, I called and they informed me they did NOT have any openings for the next day - it would have to be TODAY. So, of course, I said OK.

NO ONE showed back up that day. I called back they said someone would be out Saturday morning. NO ONE SHOWED and by 3:00 I began calling only to be told no one was coming and it would have to be Monday. I reluctantly said OK.

On Monday the serviceman came and installed what he told me would "save me lots of money" - a "Whole HOUSE DVR". When I placed my initial order, I had made it perfectly clear I wanted the ability to stop and start live TV in three of the four rooms. I verified with him this type DVR would do this for us. He even showed me how.

I am a special education teacher with a master's degree; however, I am not technically savvy so I took his word for it - not realizing at the time that he was operating the MAIN tv where the actual DVR is hooked up. During the install he advised he could not hook up the second bedroom because it was "too far" away. I didn't understand this since it is closest to the street and only about 15 feet across the hall from my Master Bedroom but my husband was frustrated and let it go. He installed the fourth receiver in my computer room where cable was already installed.

I DID NOT WANT TV IN THAT ROOM BECAUSE IT IS VERY CLOSE TO THE MAIN LIVING AREA. But by this time we felt fortunate to have any TV. After he left, I went to my bedroom to watch live TV and discovered I could NOT pause live programming - this feature was only available from the main TV. I immediately called and after being disconnected four times in rerouting me to supervisors, I was advised I would have to pay for additional DVRs if I wanted that feature.

I knew this originally, so I asked why this was not done and why I was misled during the installation. NO answer! They simply agreed to have a serviceman come out and swap the hd receivers for two additional DVRs; I agreed to keep one hd receiver in the computer room; however, I asked them to please see about putting the cable in the other bedroom. An appointment was set for Saturday between 8:00 am and 12:00.

This was the weekend before the start of the new school year and I needed to prepare my classroom; therefore, I scheduled the call for AM and stayed home for the serviceman. HE NEVER SHOWED! At 2:00 pm I called and was advised someone was "on the way". At 4:00 pm I called and was advised, "Oh, that service call was cancelled!" I of course asked who cancelled it and was told, "The serviceman drove by and saw the Direct TV dish and assumed service was already done.

He cancelled the call." Of course, no one bothered to tell us while we wasted all day. I was forced to pay my two aides $150 to prepare my room because I have church obligations on Sunday and could not do it then. I called to reschedule yet again and was told I would have to pay $400 for the two DVRs. I asked for some type of compensation because I had already paid $127 for the two hd receivers I did not order.

I was told there would be no compensation whatsoever and they would NOT put the cable in the second bedroom now. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor. After eight (8) attempts, calling back each time, I was finally connected to a supervisor. This women told me she would waive several of the charges already imposed on my account and I would have to pay for one additional DVR $199.00.

I said OK but let me talk it over with my husband. He was so angry now and did not understand why I switched from Dish Network in the first place; but a day or so later he agreed. I called the number back which this supervisor had given me and was told there were NO NOTES and they would NOT do any of the things promised! I was astounded - but it got much worse!

I hung up to discuss with my husband and he said for me to talk to another supervisor and explain the circumstances and see what could be done. After talking with several service reps and making over 6 calls, I finally was connected to another supervisor in "Retention". Her name was _____, employee #_____ . She offered to provide me with two free DVRs because of all the trouble, time, and $ I had spent on this.

She also said when the serviceman came out he would pick up the two HD receivers and I would receive $100 credit on those. In the meantime, I must pay $287 up front and I would receive a credit on my first bill for the $100 and the $287. She also assured me she was writing copious notes so there would be no misunderstandings. She informed me she was a supervisor and had this authority.

I was VERY happy and agreed immediately; however, I did not have my credit card with me and advised her I would call back the next day to charge it. She said that would be fine. The following day I called during my 1/2 hour lunch because I am not allowed to use my cell phone on the school site. After three disconnects, I was finally told there were no notes and no such agreement would be forthcoming.

I was again astounded but could not pursue it further. By now I had spent at least 25 hours on the phone (no exaggeration) and I was very disillusioned with Direct TV. But I very much enjoy the UVerse Internet service so I decided to try one more time to explain to a supervisor my predicament. After three more attempts to reach a supervisor, I finally contacted Bryanna, employee #____ , and she said she didn't know why I was told that before because all the notes from _____ were there and clearly verified what I was saying.

She was very sorry for my trouble and then offered to transfer me to someone who could take my credit card information. In the transfer I was again disconnected! Not once, but three more times! I had wasted enough time for that day and the next three days I was just too busy, but finally I tried again.

I spoke to a service rep, Daniel, employee #100468151. After speaking with his supervisor, he told me there was nothing they could or would now do. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was finally connected to Calvin, employee #X7HT. After putting me on hold for over 20 minutes, Calvin informed me he had contacted an accounts specialist and that the only thing they would now do is provide me with ONE free DVR and they would not change the installation to the bedroom where I had originally ordered cable to be installed.

His reason now was I was OUTSIDE THE 14 DAY PERIOD FOR ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENTS. Frankly, I could not believe it! The only reason I was outside this time frame (which no one EVER mentioned such a restriction to me before), was because of all the misleading information I received and the numerous times I was disconnected!!! He basically said (and I'm paraphrasing) that was "tough" - take it or leave it, he didn't care what I did!

I asked to speak to HIS supervisor and after putting me on hold for over 15 minutes, he returned to say that his supervisor would be contacting me in 24-72 hours. I asked if this timeframe included the weekend, since this was Friday, and he said, "Yes".

It is now Tuesday afternoon and no one has contacted me!

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Thanks for the warning. I wanted to get DTV.

I'll have to think about it


There are numerous complaints similar to yours on this site and others on the web. DTV uses many many tricks to charge the customer more money such as not having the right equipment and the customer has to pay for upgraded equipment,or bait and switch.The BBB does not recomend that anyone do business with DTV due to the numerous filed complaints against them.If any of your equipment fails and needs to be replaced this extends your contract automatically another 2 yrs.

and if you decide to cancel service before the end of your contraact there is a $20 per month charge for early cancellation and more often that not they try to charge for non-returned equipment fees which can go from$400 on up.If you return their equipment be sure to get a tracking# from FEDEX and use only FEDEx to return.Use caution if they have your bank or credit card# DTV has been know to help themselves to customers accounts and the customer has the burden of trying to get their money back(most do not)Change #'s if possible. Some people like dTV but the complaints against DTV are enormous.You would be very wise to read the complaints/replies against DTV,you can pick up some valuable advice for future use.Wish You Luck!