i want to know saints and houstom game was not shown in baton rouge we could care less about the other teams i hate direct tv to start i am stuck with it where i live wanted cable but none in mobile home park i live in cable saints were on every game i want some body to tell me what happen y no game like i said direct tv sucks but still could have showed game the game we waited all day to watch it we called direct tv as usal they blame everyone else the guy at direct was *** anyway

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Dear upset sir,

Directv was not able to show that game in your zipcode because your local team decided that the fans are too cheap. They feel that you should not be comfortable knowing that you can watch it on tv. The players, coaches and managers do not feel as if the millions they currently recieve is adeqaute pay for thier services.


When you learn English and how to write sentences that make sense and are properly written - come back and do it again and maybe you will get a response. But NO ONE understands a word you said. Use Word next time and use Spell/Grammar check before posting illiterate nonsense.

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