Spring Hill, Florida

Wanted to save money but I will end up paying Directv more when the 6 months is over. Plus I'm stuck into a 2 year contract again.

When I called no one said anything about the dvr charge. I did not need this as I have a recorder.

No one said it was for only 6 months. I would have never ever done this.

I'm stuck unless I come up with $460.00 dollars to cancel.

Thanks Directv. I will be glad when I can get rid of them once and for all. They also took the box I had to pay for. Thanks again.

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Please send me the name and address of the chairman of the board of Direct TV

my e mail is flamay@juno.com

thank you


They installed my HD satellite on my neighbors chimney without asking me or my neighbor, When we found out 4 months later DTV wants to charge me 50 dollars for a relocation fee when they shouldnt have installed it there in the first place.

I can't wait to be done with Direct TV. They will never get any more of my money.


Thieves just charged me 320 to cancel early and ive been with them for 8 years!


I signed up for direct tv on wed, I gave them my bank card number to use for a $20.00 charge. the very next day the $20.00 plus another $61.00 was deducted When I asked them to return the $61.00 they said they couldn't (with an attitude)so I fled fraud charges with my bank


They lied to me too, so I changed my debit card account and canceled them! they can kiss that cancellation fee good bye! Had them for 6 months never again!