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I am very unhappy with my experience with DirectTV. It all started when I called my electric company to set up transferring my service in my upcoming move.

Once I set up my account information, the electric company (who I am also not happy with now!) transfers me to another line to "verify my changes" This lady I talk to confirms my new address and then wants to offer me all these deals. She offered some discount on DirectTV, but I insisted that I don't want Satellite, but she kept insisting that she give me a referral number so that if I change my mind later then I can keep the discount. I agreed to take the referral number, and she also provided me with a phone number to call then she says "hold on just a second" and the next thing I know, i've been transferred to DirectTV customer service... and the guy is talking to me like i am a complete *** because I was insisting that I did not want to talk to them.

After about 2 hours on the phone with the guy who started out very rude until I gave him a piece of my mind about the way he was talking to me, I agreed to set up an installation date with a 20.95 charge to my credit card that did not obligate me to the service and I could cancel at any time. I then received a copy of the contract in my email, I reviewed it and I see the clause in it excusing them from responsibility and liability due to "acts of God" which is exactly what I am worried about. My past experience with satellite is that the picture is interrupted during inclement weather, but yet DirectTV can only tell me over the phone that they have new and improved service and quality. I refuse to enter into a 2 year contract agreement that binds me to pay a termination fee if I wish to cancel the service before the contract is up, when there is no guarantee in that contract that the service will not be disrupted due to bad weather...

and in fact there is a disclaimer against such, so that I am still stuck. So I call to cancel the order, and I have this lady going round and round in circles with me, I tell her I don't want to enter into a contract that I do not agree with, and she says "I understand, but I know you will be happy with the service you should just try it" and then I say "Will you revise a contract just for me, stating that if I am not happy with the service I can cancel without a termination fee?" I said if you will not give me a revised contract, then please give me my 20.95 back and cancel my order. And then she just starts over with the same shpeel again! Why do I have to get loud and honry with these people??

I will NEVER order DirectTV just because of this experience. When someone says they don't want something, don't push the issue for hours on end, repeating over and over and not listening to their concerns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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I hate the new direct tv black color on the guide!!! It looks dark and scary!!!

Hate it , hate it, hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change it back!!! I hate scary dark movies, and I hate this guide!!!!

Anonymous D

And then to top it off, I questioned them about the supposed dropping of various channels, they advised me that those claims were false. I get off the phone with them, and my news channel is advertising that they may no longer be available on DirectTV!!

lol wow... deceitful, huh?