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Direct TV sent me an ad with a 100.00 visa debit card with new contract to switch to them. Then, when they made the switch, they pulled that offer saying it was no longer available in my area?

I still hold the letter they sent me (to my address that the install was to be made in) although I cancelled. Don't want any part of a company that you cant trust to follow through on their ads.

When I called this company back to tell them how I was dealt with, they offered me the card afterall. I just can't do business with an outfit that dangles a carrot and rips it away when you ***.

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If you did not get service with Direct Lucky You! Direct very seldom honors any of their promotions.

but if you did and have cancelled Directv before your contract is up and they have your credit card/bank# on file they will charge your account (20$ for every month left on your contract)If they have not yet charged your account you must cancel the account they have on hand to prevent early cancellation charges.

don't bother calling Direct it does no good. File a complaint with the BBB ( you can do this online)tell them your facts and dates of your case hang on to the flyer it may help you if you are trying to get rid of these vultures.

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