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Direct tv is the worst company I had them shut mine off in september of 2001. I was sent a final bill of $85 which was paid in full.

Later down the road I was sent a bill for October and November of the same year. I refused to pay it they said they took care of it. It was put to a credit company and put on my aunts because we have the same name different addresses.

Still not taken care of I will never recommend this company to anyone at all. What a rip off. They should be sued.

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Direct TV promised channels it didn't deliver. I called to cancel the service and they agreed to add the promised channels free.

When I received my bill they had charged for the channel and informed me that I could not cancel since the 3 days grace period was up.

I initally called before the grace period and was up lied to so that I would not cancel. This is deceptive and should be agains the law.


After 10 years of service we disconnected with Direct tv. We could get the same service with newer equipment, tivo, etc. for 1/3 the price. They were not willing to give us a better rate. $9o plus a month, which is over a thousand a year, is horrendous for tv-especially when we work fulltime. We found we could pay so much less, so we called to let them know we wanted our line disconnected tonight after 5:00. They disconnected us last night. They said it was human error-and couldn't easily be reconnected. Right! It was -------- you! We'll disconnect you early.

This is another industry that has gotten so out of hand, just like telephones/cellphones. Once it's done, there is some upkeep but the service is not always reliable and the consumer pays way too much of their income.

People wonder why so many can't make it today. It's because we get nickel and dimed, or today multi-dollared every where we turn. Phones, tv, internet, BANKS, CREDIT CARDS, gas, utilities, groceries, etc. So many of our products we purchase are junk. Our grandparents bought appliances that lasted many years, some of those are still working, today we're lucky to get two to five years out of anything.

Yes the recession was due in a large part to the banking and stock industry, but overall, it's because we are getting screwed at every angle possible. ANd Direct tv is there to give it to you just like so many other companies.


We were thinking of getting Direct TV but they just rolled my sister in law for extra monthly fees. They increased my sister-in-law's service from $50/mo to $75/mo because she was the contact for an elderly friend, to help the elderly person out with her bills.

(The service was in the name of the elderly friend at the elderly friend's home.) And when the elderly friend was late on a couple of payments Direct TV increased my sister-in-law's own monthly service fee.

So FORGET Direct TV. I will let at least 10 people know.


I too was taken to the cleaners with Direct Tv, all the things they told me I never got, including 3 free premium channels, nope, 1, my local channels, wrong, they now tell me they arent available in my area.

My package was supposed to be 29.99 plus 10.00 for the receivers, wrong, I now have a 70.61 bill, oh and the rebate of 24.00 per month it takes 6-8 weeks, and I was supposed to get on the computer and do this prior to service installation, which they did not mention. I now am stuck with this service for 2 years, or face $480.00 cancellation fees, I can not believe how big of scammers they are....Tell you what, I would never recommend them to anyone, not ever.


I live in Cullman, AL. We were on local cable Windjammer.

Last Fall my husband, Walter, who is critically ill with severe Diabetis and COPD, 72 years old and had Dementia. He ordered Direct TV wile I was away. When the 3rd party installer came, he was high on something and keep leaving and coming back. He had cable wires everywhere and left them that way.

On the outside he left them on top of the ground. He had my husband sign the contract and he's not mentally capable of even understanding it. The service was horrible, cable wires strung everywhere, connected wrong. We immediately began to complain and didn't want the service.

They refused to listen and just put us off then said it was too late to cancel with out a fine. After a couple of very unhappy months and me informing them that my husband had not been capable to sign a contract, I didn't even know about it. We had it cut off and went back to Windjammer Cable Service. They are sending us a 400.00 early disconnect charge, even calling us at 11:00 O'clock at night.

That is Harrassment of elderly people. I consider it a bogus charge and don't intend to pay. At his age and health condition who cares if it goes to a collection agency.

They should be paying us. Any help out there??


you got into a *** match with versus but you charge for it in package thats bull :?

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