Direc tv never told me that I was in a two year contract until I was about to cancel service they said I had to pay 500.00 dollars for early cancellation fee.I told them that I never signed for a two year contract and they said it was on the first statement in the back in fine print,Yeah really who looks at that specially on a statement.Now I got to stick with them, trust me I will never recommend this company to nobody.I used to have Dish Network and I regret swapping companies.Direct TV customer service is open from 8 to 10 when dish is open 24hrs.Direct TV has pissed me off in general for everything that has to do with their service,they lie,always excuses for interruption,and also never keep their promises that they offer when first signing up for service.So please save your self from headaches and frustration,go with any other service provider just not DIREC TV

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