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I was charged over $300 for 1 month of service. In dec of 2009 I had their service installed.

I paid a bit over $200 which was the activation fees and the first months programming charge. The tech had to come out 3 times due to installing the wrong equipment the reception was poor and we had to go about 5 days with no reception due to the techs poor skills at installing it then finally when they get all the bugs worked out, the apt complex we won't to move into has a unit to come open, so the 1st week of Jan of 2010 we contact them to move our service they say the service is free and to leave our equipment at the old residence we do as they say so when the tech shows up to reconnect our service he informs us we have to pay a $50 movers fee and that we were only suppose to leave the satallite dish not the tv boxes so that would be another $400 for equipment and not to mention I had already paid a $135 for that months service so when the tech called to find out what was going on at directv they found the movers order and said the person had gave us wrong info and that the order had been placed incorrectly "cause at dirct tv a order just has a tracking # but it can not be tracked down to one specific employee so the employee can tell u whatever they won't without being reprimanded" but anyways they told the tech and me and my husband their was nothing they could do without us paying those fees upfront that day so I told them to cancel my account which has a $400 dollar early cancelation fee so for 3 weeks of programming it cost us over $300 plus having them to put $400 and whatever else fees they can dream up on our credit report

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Directv claims to be "#1 in Customer Satisfaction" but in fact they are unhelpful, dumb, and plain out rude!

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