Jasper, Alabama
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we have had direc tv for quite some time and decided to get at&t uverse because it was cheaper and you could get all channels including the hd channels. we called an cancelled direc tv after we got the at&t hooked up.

they said they would send us boxes to put our equipment in to send back. they never sent it so we called about 2weeks later to see why they haven't sent the boxes and they said that they would get them sent out. by the way they owed us almost $50 because we cancelled in the middle of a billing cycle and they won't send us that check unless we send the equipment back.

now they either want us to pay to have it sent back which was suppose to be free or they want us to keep it and pay $8 a month on something we aren't using and have tried to send back to them. what is up with these people!

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Don't send them anything, and don't have any more conversations with them. If they want their equipment back, they can come and get it. Count that $50 as lost, because you'll go nuts trying to get them to pay it, so don't play their game.