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So after buying a new home, I decided to stray away from the over priced cable provider I was stuck with as a renter, and moved up to satelite. Two days after moving into my new HGTV worthy home, I called for installation.

I came home the day of the install and was as anxious as a kid at Christmas. I went into my new master bedroom and noticed my bed was out of place. I just thought maybe they had to move it in order to get things properly installed. I moved my bed back to its original position and low and behold, there was an eight inch whole in my new master bedroom!

The technician had the nerve to hide the hole without so much as a word as to what happened. I freaked and called them immediately! For two weeks, I was lied to and my time wasted, because they kept making appointments and no one ever showed up. The *** that did the install finally showed up for the "repair." He tried to fill in an eight inch hole with...get this...a GLUE GUN!!!!

I was finally told to go ahead and have the repairs made and submit the bill. I get a call back explaining that the company that represents DIRECTTV for installs was not going to reimburse me for the over $500 worth of damage just because the technician said he didn't do it, even though he came back to try and "repair" it whe the jig was up! I made over 20 phone calls which were (and still are) noted on my account. They never so much as asked for notes on the account or requested those"recorded" phone conversations for the so-called investigation.

So basically, I got drilled! I would never recommend them to any one...EVER!!!!

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