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Direct TV company is nothing but liars, cheats, and thieves!First off I called and changed my service and did not receive the channels I was promised.

I called several times and was told that the service I paid for was changed by them without my permission. I had direct for well over three years. Then I said I no longer wanted the service after fighting for two months with this evil company. Now I am being forced to make a lump sum payment of over $350 for a change that was made to my service WITHOUT my permission!

They won't even take payments on the trumped up false charge. This vile company expects me to bounce my house payment and live on the streets instead of even splitting the payments into smaller more manageable payments. This company DOES NOT CARE about their customers. They have no sense of humanity and only care about money.

They will lie to you at every given chance and make changes to your service without your permission!Direct TV is nothing but a loan shark company.

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